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Deepak Asudani, MD

Contact Information

Academic Profile

Dr. Deepak Asudani completed a residency in Internal Medicine from New York Medical College, Metropolitan Hospital Center, where he also served as assistant chief medical resident. He earned his Bachelors in Medicine and Bachelors in Surgery medical degree (MBBS) from the University of Rajasthan - Ravindra Nath Tagore Medical College in Udaipur, India. He holds a Masters in Public Health from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, Mass. Dr. Asudani is a Certified Physician Executive (CPE) from the Credentialing Committee in Medical Management/American Association of Physicians Leadership, and holds certification in Genetics and Genomics from Stanford University Center for Professional Development, Palo Alto, CA. He is also an alumnus of UC San Diego Health Leadership Academy and Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Executive leadership program.  

Dr. Asudani is board-certified in internal medicine, is currently a Clinical Professor of Medicine at University of California, San Diego and is engaged in several academic, clinical, and leadership responsibilities.  He serves as Vice Chief of Division of Hospital Medicine at UCSD and also is Medical Director for UCSD's International Patients' Program. He is part of several UC San Diego health steering committees and also multiple Division of Hospital Medicine committees.

Representative Publications

Dogra A, Asudani D. Unsickling the Sickle: A Review of State of the Art and Emerging Applications of iPSCs and CRISPR/Cas9 for Gene Editing Solutions for Sickle Cell Disease. Journal of Precision Medicine, September 6, 2019, pages 2-7. 

Asudani D, Yusupova M, Mali P. Genome Engineering via CRISPR Cas Systems: Inserting the 'Precision' in Precision Medicine. Journal of Precision Medicine, December 18, 2017, page 84-87

Asudani D, Hand hygiene compliance: Social cohesion and role modeling. Letter. American Journal of Infection Control. Am J Infect Control. 2017 May 1;45(5):579-580

Asudani D,  Pharmacogenomics: Making the case for Primum non nocere," Journal of Precision Medicine, April 2017/05, page 41-45. 

Sebasky M, Asudani D, El-Kareh R, Martin L,O'Rourke C, Popa R. In the Literature: Clinician reviews of HM centric research, February 2015. The Hospitalist 

Asudani D. Expedited Multistate Medical Licensure Promises Efficiency for the Physicians. April 2015. The Hospitalist.

Asudani D. Tolia V. Clinical Observation Units: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. The Hospitalist. Accepted for publication (2013)

Gandhi N, Asudani D. What Is the Role of Steroids in Septic Shock? The Hospitalist, June 2012.

Asudani D, Wretzel S, Stayman A. A Judgment Call, Cleve Clin J Med. 2008 Oct;75(10):690-1, 695.

Asudani D, Calles-Esacndon J. Inpatient hyperglycemia: slide through the scale but cover the bases first.  J. Hosp. Med. 2007;2 (Suppl 1): 23-32

Asudani D, Broder M, Natanasabapathy S Spotting a Zebra by It's Stripes – Dextrocardia Am J Med. 2007 Dec;120(12):1028-30. 

Asudani D. Public Awareness and Education is an evolving process.  Bulletin of the World Health Organization. Apr 2006; 1

Asudani D, Patel R, Corser J. Renal Diseases in HIV Infection. Review Article. Internet Journal of Internal Medicine Vol 5/1.  September, 2005.

Asudani D, Corser J, Patel R. Breaking the ice: HIV serostatus disclosure. Letter, Bulletin, World Health Organization. 2004; 82(7): 52

Asudani D. Rising incidence of cervical cancer: Indian perspective.  Compendium, Global Cancer Concern India. 2001: 2(1): 34-36

Society statements/ white papers/ Invited lectures:

The Observation Status Problem: Impact and recommendations for change. July 2014. White paper from the Society of Hospital Medicine. PPC member. 

Moderator and discussant, Primum Non Nocere – A Clarion Call for Ubiquitous PGx Testing in the Clinic, Precision Medicine Leadership Summit, Hilton Bayfront, San Diego, CA, August 21st-24th, 2017

Invited Lecture, Clinical and Genomic Context in Druggable Targets and Refining the Evidence Base Patient Stratification via Genomics/ Epi-genomics in Cancer, Controversies in Precision Medicine Berlin, Germany 13-15 November,2017.

Medical Humanities:

Asudani D. A Beautiful Person, Fam. Med. Journal Feb 37(2): 93. Reflections on a patient with Alzheimer's dementia.

Asudani D. Embracing with Strengthened Spirits, J Hosp Med. 2007;2/1 Pg 47. Inspecting the viewpoints of an aging patient. 

Asudani D. Shades of Her Life, J Hosp Med. 2007;2/1 Pg 47. Based on breast cancer survivor.

Asudani D. I am Not Clear, Fam Med. 2007 May;39(5):316. Reflections on drug addiction and youth

Asudani D. The Belongings – On Being a Doctor, Ann Intern Med. 2008 Dec 2;149(11):833. Learnings about medical practice and being judgmental 

Asudani D. The Pink Dot, The Human Condition, UCSD School of Medicine, Lessons from an   organ donor.

Book chapters:

Asudani D. Mycobacterial Infections, Nontuberculous in Clinical Decision Support; Hospital Medicine(eBook Chapter, July 2013) from submitted Link: (previously A.II.2)

Asudani, D. Prosthetic Heart Valves and associated complications in Clinical Decision Support; Hospital Medicine( (eBook Chapter, July 2013)  from submitted Link: (previously A.II.3)

Awards and Honors:

Fellowship in Hospital Medicine – Society of Hospital Medicine Conferred on 04/10/2010, Washington, DC.

Certificate of Appreciation, UC San Diego, Health Sciences International, August 2015.

Excellence in Teaching Award, Medicine 401 Clerkship, UC San Diego, School of Medicine, June 2018

San Diego Top Docs Award, SDCMS  – 2019

I am proud to be a part of UC San Diego Health Hospital Medicine because it's a true privilege to be a part of academia, clinical care and leadership and to do so with terrific colleagues!