Didactic Curriculum

Education is a top priority for the fellowship. There is a core curriculum for fellows which spans 24 months, enabling the faculty to cover, in considerable depth, virtually all topics important to hematology and oncology. 

The formal curriculum takes place on Friday mornings, beginning at 8:00 am. There is an in-depth didactic presentation by one of the faculty on a core hematology/oncology topic. Following this, there are two 30-minute presentations by one of the fellows. These fellow presentations are based on the interests of the fellow and have included rare case presentations, multidisciplinary conferences with other specialists, and board reviews. These conferences are meant to be highly interactive with faculty and fellows and they typically engender substantial discussion and input from all faculty present. These conferences allow fellows to educate their peers, explore their academic interests, and hone their presentation skills.

During the summer months, a "What You Need to Know" series is given, reviewing critical clinical issues in Hematology and Oncology for new fellows. 

Each month there is also a journal club, where fellows meet with faculty to review recently published high impact articles. These journal club sessions emphasize trial design and critical appraisal of data. There are also regular research conferences at the Cancer Center that fellows are encouraged to attend.