Didactic Curriculum

The basic curriculum spans no less than 20 months, enabling the faculty to cover, in considerable depth, virtually all topics important to hematology and oncology.

During the summer months, a ‘What You Need to Know” series is given, reviewing critical clinical issues in Hematology and Oncology. These lectures are repeated annually and updated, both for topics and content, based on feedback from the Fellows.

The formal curriculum offerings take place on Friday mornings, beginning at 7:00 am. There is an in-depth didactic presentation by one of the faculty on a relevant topic. Following that, there is a one-hour presentation and review of a hematology and an oncology topic by one of the Fellows. These presentations are based on actual cases that the Fellow has encountered. This typically engenders substantial discussion and input from all faculty present.

Finally, during each month, there will be a basic or clinical research presentation by one of the faculty or a visiting scientist, or a journal club presentation by one of the Fellows, in conjunction with a faculty mentor.