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​Scholarly Activities Newsletter

Winter 2020

New Updates within General Internal Medicine… 

The new research website for the Division is coming soon! This new website will highlight faculty research activities and interests.

Dr. Lynette Cederquist is working on a manuscript to describe barriers to the use of ethics consult services. Additionally, she is planning to collect data on the frequency of ethics consults regarding treatment of unrepresented patients. She also recently submitted a proposal regarding the challenges of prognostication in determining whether patients qualify for aid-in-dying.

Dr. Amy Sitapati recently published a book in December 2019, Applied Population Health: Delivering Value-based Care with Actionable Registries. She also recently published another book, A Physician's Guide to the Study of the Non-linear Mind Kelee Medicine, in January 2020. She also recently presented at the Kaiser Wellness Symposium in December 2019, serving as an instructor for more than 100 Kaiser primary care physicians.

Dr. Larry Friedman recently published an article, "Electronic consults in otolaryngology: a pilot study to evaluate the use, content, and outcomes in an academic health system" in the Annals of Otology, Rhinology, and Laryngology in October 2019.

Dr. Jeff Jenks is actively engaged in fungal research and grant submissions. He recently published seven articles in 2019 on the diagnosis and management of invasive mold infections. In 2019, he also co-founded the Clinical and Translational Fungal Research - Working Group at UCSD.

Dr. Stacy Charat is currently working on data analysis and manuscript submission for her research studying how resident OSCE scores correlate with other performance measures. She also received a grant from the California Academy of Family Physicians to study ways to improve access to and educational opportunities regarding opioid agonist therapy.

Dr. Pearl Yu and 3rd year medical student Eulanca Liu presented two posters at the regional SGIM conference in January 2020. Their poster, "Vaginal cancer with an atypical genetic mutation – a patient's journey to diagnosis," won 2nd place in the student poster presentation. Their second poster was entitled, "This is not shingles: an infected wound site with concurrent auto-eczematization paints an atypical dermatologic picture."

Dr. Pearl Yu and 3rd year medical student Nassim Dulari presented two posters at the regional SGIM conference in January 2020. Their poster, "Infection or allergy - an unusual case of gastroenteritis with peripheral eosinophilia in an immigrant patient," won third place in the student poster presentation. Their second poster was entitled, "Cognitive decline in the elderly: a case of diagnostic challenge."

Dr. Jessica Chen presented four posters at the regional SGIM conference in January 2020: "Just another cold sore?," "Unexplained bruising in an elderly Chinese," "I want to believe: trusting the patient when diagnostic tests are negative" with 2nd year medical student Elizabeth Silverman, and "Atypical presentation of Churg-Strauss Syndrome without history of allergy" with 2nd year medical student Lauren Ball.

Dr. Pearl Yu, in collaboration with Dr. Jessica Chen, also presented two posters at the regional SGIM conference in January 2020: "An unusual case of diplopia in a Filipino female" and "Waldenstrom macroglobulinemia is a rare lymphoma."

Dr. Eduardo Grunvald, Dr. Nicole Mandich, and Dr. Jennie Wei had a clinical vignette accepted for the regional SGIM conference in January 2020, "Lorcaserin prior to esophagectomy in a patient with severe obesity and esophageal adenocarcinoma."

Dr. Jennifer DeConde and Dr. Eduardo Grunvald had a clinical vignette accepted for the regional SGIM conference in January 2020, "A case of sleep related eating disorder treated with controlled-release phentermine-topiramate."

Dr. Carl Stepnowsky is currently conducting research to improve adherence with therapies for sleep apnea as the principal investigator of two studies, the IMPRESS Study (funded by the Health Services & Development Service of the Department of Veterans Affairs) and the O2VERLAP Study (funded by the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute). He is also expanding his research focus to include sleep health and is currently working on preliminary data analyses of his Sleep Health Mobile App Study, an app-based study available on the Apple App Store.

Dr. Kalli Hose and Dr. Anna Quan won 2nd place in the Innovations category for their poster at the 2019 SGIM meeting, highlighted their work starting primary care musculoskeletal clinics at five VA sites nationally. They are also currently developing knee and shoulder physical exam workshops for the ACP National Meeting in Los Angeles in April 2020 and previously taught their content at the 2019 ACP national meeting in Philadelphia.

Current and Recent Mini-Grant/Scholarly Activity Protected Time Recipients 

  • Karuna Ahuja, MD – Women's Health Research Network patient feedback project on stranger harassment; Quality improvement project for primary care providers at San Diego VA on maternity care
  • Edward Chao, DO - Epidermal adhesive sensors to enhance continuous glucose measurement in patients with diabetes: the EASE study; Video-based exam questions for medical student musculoskeletal education; Assessing academic clinical investigators' engagement with the community
  • Stacy Charat, MD - Correlating resident OSCE scores with other measures of resident performance; Improving access to and educational opportunities for opioid agonist therapy for opioid use disorder
  • Eduardo Grunvald, MD - Long-term outcomes of anti-obesity pharmacotherapy: a single center, retrospective cohort study in a primary care population
  • Kelley Hagerich, MD -  The CHARGE study: controlling hunger and regulating eating. Targeting food cue reactivity and satiety sensitivity to decrease binge eating and weight
  • Courtney Hanson, MD - Prevalence of workplace violence and PTSD symptoms among physicians
  • Deanna Hill, MD – Primary care providers and chronic pain management
  • Amy Huang, MD - Creating and implementing an effective transitions curriculum at the North County Health Services program – a quality improvement initiative
  • Jeffrey Jenks, MD - Optimizing latent tuberculosis screening in primary care
  • Christina Le, MD - Optimizing HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis
  • Ryan Moran, MD - Preventing falls in the elderly
  • Braj Pandey, MD - Cardiovascular health in hemophilia
  • Bernice Ruo, MD - Development, implementation, and assessment of an intervention to increase academic scholarship among junior faculty in general internal medicine

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 Lynette Cederquist, MD is interested in collaborating in scholarly activity in the realm of clinical ethics.


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