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Name Title Division Contact
Abeles, Ruth, MD HS Associate Clinical Professor
Ahuja, Karuna , MD HS Assistant Clinical Professor Karuna.Ahuja@va.gov858-552-8585
Albers, Unna , MD HS Clinical Professor Ualbers@ucsd.edu858-657-8000
Albustani, Mustafa, MD HS Assistant Clinical Professor
Balu, Arthi , MD HS Assistant Clinical Professor 858-657-8000
Bell, Kristin, MD HS Clinical Professor Kristin.Bell@va.gov858-552-8585
Boss, Gerry, MD Distinguished Professor of Medicine 858-657-7245
Cederquist, Lynette, MD HS Clinical Professor Lcederquist@ucsd.edu858-657-8000
Chao, Edward, MD HS Clinical Professor Ecchao@ucsd.edu858-552-8585
Charat, Stacy, MD HS Clinical Professor Scharat@ucsd.edu858-552-8585
Chen, Jessica, MD HS Clinical Professor J38chen@ucsd.edu858-657-8000
Dang, Tuan, MD HS Clinical Professor Tcdang@ucsd.edu858-552-8585
DeConde, Jennifer , MD HS Assistant Clinical Professor 858-249-5400
Dewji, Nazaneen, MD Assistant Adjunct Professor
Diaz, Joseph, MD HS Assistant Clinical Professor 
Dollarhide, Adrian, MD HS Clinical Professor Adrian.Dollarhide@va.gov858-552-8585
Dresselhaus, Timothy, MD HS Clinical Professor Tdresselhaus@ucsd.edu858-552-8585
Golomb, Beatrice, MD, Ph.D. Professor in Residence Bgolomb@salk.edu858-558-4950
Grunvald, Eduardo , MD HS Clinical Professor Egrunvald@ucsd.edu858-657-8000
Hakim, Miriam, MD Primary Care Physician
Hill, Deanna, MD HS Associate Clinical Professor Dlhill@ucsd.edu619-471-9250
Hlavin, Patricia, MD HS Clinical Professor Patricia.Hlavin@va.gov858-552-8585
Hofflich, Heather , MD Clinic Medical Director UPC, HS Clinical Professor
Hose, Michal, MD HS Clinical Professor MichalKalli.Hose@va.gov858-552-8585
Huang, Amy , MD, MPH HS Associate Clinical Professor Yuh106@ucsd.edu619-471-9250
Jarrin, Diego , MD HS Assistant Clinical Professor 858-552-8585
Jassal, Simerjot, MD, HS Clinical Professor 543-6287
Jong, Pamela , MD HS Clinical Professor Pamela.Jong@va.gov858-552-8585
Kanter, Simone, MD HS Associate Clinical Professor Simone.kanter@ucsd.edu858-552-8585
Karuvannur, Shyamala, MD HS Clinical Professor
Li, Steven , MD Primary Care Physician
Lopez, Tony , MD HS Clinical Professor Tplopez@ucsd.edu858-657-8000
Lunde, Ottar, MD HS Clinical Professor, Clinical Service Chief
Ma, Lawrence , MD HS Assistant Clinical Professor Lma@ucsd.edu619-471-9250
Martin, Leslie, MD HS Clinical Professor Lmartin@ucsd.edu858-657-8000
Mendez, Eric, MD HS Assistant Clinical Professor
Millen, Marlene, MD Chief Medical Officer Ambulatory Care, HS Clinical Professor Biostatistics & Bioinformatics
Moran, Ryan , MD, MPH HS Assistant Clinical Professor Rjmoran@ucsd.edu858-657-8000
Prussak, Natalie, MD HS Assistant Clinical Professor
Quan, Anna, MD HS Associate Clinical Professor, NS
Restaino, Nivedita, MD HS Associate Clinical Professor, NS
Rodriguez, Rechell, MD HS Clinical Professor
Ruo, Bernice, MD HS Clinical Professor Bruo@ucsd.edu858-657-8000
Sachdev, Namita, MD, FACP, FAPP HS Clinical Professor
Sani, Aremlia, MD Clinic Medical Director 4th & Lewis IM Clinic, HS Clinical Profesor Amsani@ucsd.edu619-471-9250
Schultz, Christina , MD HS Associate Clinical Professor 
Shah, Nilesh, MD HS Clinical Professor
Shankar, Megha, MD HS Assistant Clinical Professor
Sitapati, Amy, MD, HS Clinical Professor Asitapati@ucsd.edu858-657-8000
Stepnowsky, Carl, MD Adjunct Professor
Thorisdottir, Hilda, MD HS Clinical Professor
Tiu, Alfredo, MD HS Associate Clinical Professor, NS
Wan, Lori , MD HS Clinical Professor Lwan@ucsd.edu858-657-8000
Wastila, Lisa, MD HS Clinical Professor Lwastila@ucsd.edu858-657-8000
Wei, Jennie, MD HS Associate Clinical Professor, NS
Wiley-Cené, Crystal , MD, MPH, FAHA Professor
Wong, Melissa, MD HS Assistant Clinical Professor Maw007@ucsd.edu858-249-5400
Woytowitz, Manjulika, MD HS Clinical Professor
Yu, Pearl , MD, Pharm.D., HS Clinical Professor Psyu@ucsd.edu858-657-8000