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The K-Club program was created to provide career advice and support the members in their research goals and successful career advancement.  The K-Club members consist of junior faculty, senior postdocs, and clinical fellows, who either are already Center Members or strive to become Center Members.  The program is led by Dr. Rohit Loomba, Director of â€‹Director of Hepatology and NAFLD Research Center, UCSD (  He also serves as the Director, Human Translational Core, SDDRC. The K-Club meets regularly on a monthly basis to provide information and feedback on academic career development, publications, salary negotiations, faculty-tracks, research methodology, developing a clinical, translational or basic research program and on preparing a research career award application.  Sessions are designed to provide valuable information and support an interactive discussion among invited speakers and attendees.  Various topics pertaining to the conception, development, submission, and post-award process related to career development awards are addressed during the meetings.

The K-Club is implementing a review and feedback of career development proposals, K and R01 grant applications to help junior faculty with their first grant submission. Senior SDDRC members will review and provide critique on basic science, translational or clinical applications. 

For more information or to join the K-Club, please email, or