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We continue to evaluate the most effective way to use our funding to have a positive impact on GI research. One of the challenges is consulting. The Core directorship has salary support which supports consulting. When you wish to seek a service, please start by contacting Dr. Ernst or by phone at 858.534.2975. After discussion, you can contact the histology core at LJI to discuss details such as tissue orientation and other aspects of your project. Other discussions are very in depth, for example, how would one do immunofluorescence for polymeric IgA receptor in gut tissues as well as IgM and IgA? If you cannot troubleshoot new techniques on your own, Dr. “Z” Mikulski may be able to assist. Brief consultations related to the normal explanation of the histology services are included in the tissue processing price. Trouble shooting a new technique or staining protocol may involve substantial amounts of time. This may entail consulting charges and/or a collaboration with “Z” if the work is of mutual scientific interest. Some techniques may be useful to multiple Center Members and for that, the Core can assist in offsetting any fees. Please be aware that consulting is not open-ended and this is one reason why a discussion with Dr. Ernst first, then “Z” will help align expectations and ensure that we are providing the best assistance for the lowest possible price.​