Active Funding: 

Career Awards for Medical Scientists (PI: Ghosh)

Burroughs Welcome Fund                                                   09/01/09 – 08/31/14

Title: Modulation of G protein Signaling During Oncogenic and metastatic Progression
Major Goals: Unraveling the mechanism by which EGF-receptor tyrosine kinase triggers growth and invasion during tumor progression.

Clinical Scientist Development Award (PI: Ghosh)

Doris Duke Charitable Foundation (DDCF)                           08/01/10 – 07/31/13

Title: A Marker and a Therapeutic Target in Liver Fibrosis

Major Goals: The goal of this study is to investigate the role of a recently discovered G protein-dependent signaling rheostat in balancing profibrotic and antifibrotic pathways during fibrogenesis; more specifically, in hepatic stellate during liver cirrhosis.

American Cancer Society IRG (PI: Ghosh)

American Cancer Society (ACS)                                            11/01/11-10/31/13

Title: Taming Aberrant G protein Signals during Oncogenic Progression

Major Goals: A seed grant to investigate transcriptional and posttranslational regulation of GIV in tumor cells and discover small molecules to inhibit signaling via GIV.

RO1 (PI: Ghosh)

National Institute of Health (NIH)                                          01/01/13-12/31/18

Title: Modulation of G proteins by Growth Factors

Major Goals: These studies are expected to yield novel information and mechanistic insights into the cross-talk between G proteins and growth factors in regulating signaling transduction. The proposed study is expected to unravel unique interfaces for signal transduction assembled at the cross-roads of the two pathways which may not only serve as attractive and effective therapeutic targets, but insights gained will also help decipher, access, and manipulate the cancer cell’s complex signaling code.

UC San Diego Roche Collaboration (PI: Ghosh)

Ventana Medical Innovation Inc. (Roche Diagnostics)                               08/01/12 – 07/31/13

Title: Role of GIV as a biomarker for prognostication in patients with colorectal and breast cancers.

Major Goals: A seed grant to develop tools and techniques in collaboration with Roche Diagnostics for use in multi-centric international clinical trials on patients with breast and colorectal cancers. Primary goal is to evaluate the efficacy and accuracy of prognostication when using GIV-based markers as opposed to other currently used indicators in these tumors.

DOD Visionary Fellowship Award (Fellow: Laederich)

Department of Defense (DOD)           01/01/13 – 12/31/16

Title: Modulating Multi-receptor Network in Invasive Colorectal Cancers via a Single Interface.

Major Goals: Here, we propose to discover, characterize, and target a novel interface in multi-receptor signaling using HTP approaches and monitor the effect of modulating the interface with small molecules using whole genome shotgun approach. Insights gained will help develop this interface as a powerful therapeutic target in invasive colorectal cancers.

Clinical Research Mentorship Award  (Fellow: Gary Ma)

Doris Duke Charitable Foundation                                                   06/01/13 – 05/31/14

Title: Molecular Rheostats in Type II Diabetes: Novel Therapeutic Targets in Insulin Resistance

Major Goals: The overall goal of the proposed research is to unravel the mechanisms by which GIV maintains insulin sensitivity and how its phosphoinhibition generates Insulin resistance (IR). Insights gained will not only help determine whether GIV can serve as a therapeutic target and a marker for prognosticating response to therapy in patients with IR, but also help decipher, access, and manipulate the entire signaling network to restore physiologic insulin response.

Completed Funding:

Research Scholar Award (PI: Ghosh)

American Gastroenterology Association                                               01/07/08 – 01/07/11

Title: Modulation of G protein signaling during colon cancer progression

Academic Senate Research Grant (PI: Ghosh)

University of California                                                                         02/01/11 – 01/31/12

Title: A Critical Hub Used by Multiple Receptors to Activate PI3K Signals during Tumor Invasion