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Gastroenterology Faculty at UC San Diego


Thomas J. Savides, M.D.

Interim Division Chief
Distinguished Professor of Clinical Medicine
Chief Experience Officer
Associate Vice Chair of Strategic Affairs, DOM
Associate Chief Medial Officer of Medical Affairs
Ajmera, Veeral MDAssistant Professor of Medicine / Medical Director of Transplant Hepatology
Anand, Gobind MDAssistant Clinical Professor
Barman, Pranab MDAssistant Clinical Professor
Barrett, Kim E. PhDDistinguished Professor of Medicine
Boland, Brigid MDAssistant Professor
Bortniker, Ethan MDHS Assistant Clinical Professor Gastroenterology
Brenner, David MDVice Chancellor, HS / Professor of Medicine
Casteele, Niels Vande PhamD, PhDAssistant Professor of Medicine
Chang, John MDProfessor of Medicine in Residence
Chang, Micahel MDAssistant Clinical Professor
Chojkier, Mario MDProfessor of Medicine in Residence
Copur-Dahi, Nedret MDClinical Professor
Crowe, Sheila E. MDDirector of Research / Professor of Medicine
Dever, John B. MDAssistant Clinical Professor
Dhar, Debanjan PhDAssistant Adjunct Professor
Docherty, Michael MDClinical Professor
Dulai, Parambir MDClinical Instructor
Eckmann, Lars MDProfessor of Medicine
Ernst. Peter DVM, PhDProfessor of Medicine
Fehmi, Abbas MDClinical Professor
Ghosh, Pradipta MDProfessor of Medicine / Executive Director, HUMANOID Center of Research Excellence
Gupta, Samir MDProfessor of Clinical Medicine
Kalmaz, Denise MDClinical Professor / GI Fellowship Program Director
Kono, Yuko MDClinical Professor
Krinsky, Mary Lee DOClinical Professor
Kumar, Vipin MS, PhDProfessor of Medicine
Kunkel, David C. MDAssociate Clinical Professor
Kwong, Wilson MD, MSAssistant Clinical Professor
Loomba, Rohit MD, MHScDirector, NAFLD Research Center / Director of Hepatology / Professor of Medicine / Vice Chief Gastroenterology
Mendler, Michel MDClinical Professor