UC San Diego Medical Center - Hillcrest

UCSD Medical Center

The UC San Diego Medical Center in Hillcrest serves as a county hospital-type rotation with a large portion of medically indigent care as well as a tertiary referral hospital for solid organ transplantation (including liver), chronic liver disease, HIV/AIDS, trauma, and OB/GYN services.

Fellows are exposed to a wide variety of inpatient GI and hepatology patients. Common GI consult indications include upper GI bleeding (variceal and non-variceal, lower GI bleeding), iron-deficiency anemia, suspected GI malignancy, pancreatico-biliary diseases (pancreatitis, choledocholithiasis, gallstone disease), and GI complications from pregnancy.

Common hepatology consult indications include complications of end-stage liver disease (ascites, encephalopathy, subacute bacterial peritonitis), liver transplant evaluations, fulminate hepatic failure, hepatic complications of pregnancy and chronic liver diseases such as hepatitis B and C. There are also GI and hepatology clinics at UCSD Hillcrest Medical Center, including GI continuity clinics. The most commonly performed procedures include EGD, colonoscopies, PEG placement, paracentesis, and liver biopsy. The motility and GI physiology clinical labs are located at this hospital, and the main surgical pathology department is located in this hospital. UCSD has full radiological (CT, MRI, US), pathologic, and surgical services for patient care.

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