History of successful applicaitions


​Junior Faculty Development Award winner: 

  • Amit R. Majithia, MD, UCSD, for the proposal “Combining experiments of man and nature to target human insulin resistance.”

​​P&F awardees:

  • Dhruv Sareen, PhD, CEDARS-SINAI, for the proposal “Functional Human iPSC-Derived Pancreatic Islets in Co-culture with Isogenic Vascular endothelial Cells.”
  • Chen Gao, Ph.D, UCLA, for the proposal “Branched-Chain Amino Acids Catabolism in Pathogenesis of Insulin Resistance: Mechanism and Therapy.”
  • Lisa Kohn, MD, PhD, UCLA, for the proposal “Epigenetics’ Role in Autoimmune Outcomes.”
  • Stephen D. Lee, PhD, UCLA, for the proposal "Central Control of Metabolism by Neuronal Very-Low Density Lipoprotein Receptor.”
  • Jeremy Pettus MD, UCSD for the proposal “The Metabolic Effects of Disrupted Glucagon Signaling in Type 1 Diabetes.”


Junior Faculty Development Award winner:

  • Timothy O’Sullivan, PhD, UCLA, for the proposal “Determining the contribution of adipose-resident dendritic cells to obesity-associated inflammation and insulin resistance”. 

​P&F awardees:

  • Celine Riera, PhD, Cedars-Sinai, for the proposal “Nociceptor sensory neurons modulate immune responses inobesity and diabetes to control metabolism". 
  • Ty D. Troutman,PhD, UCSD, for the proposal “Comparative assessment of human and mouse hepatic myeloid cell diversity during nonalcoholic fatty liver disease”. 
  • Jeramie Watrous, PhD, UCSD,  “Microbial contributions to the development of human type 2 diabetes mellitus”. 
  • Stephanie Correa, PhD, UCLA, for the proposal “Bypassing estrogen to manipulate a neural circuit that controls body weight”. 
  • ​Zhenqi Zhou, PhD, UCLA, for the proposal “The impact of dynamin-related protein (Drp)1 on muscle metabolism and insulin action”. 


​Junior Faculty Development Award winner:

  • Wenxian Fu,PhD, UCSD, for the proposal “Role of interleukin 2 receptor signaling in type 1 diabetes.”

P&F awardees:

  • Steven Bensinger, VMD, PhD UCLA, for the proposal “Determining the impact of SREBP signaling in macrophages on type I IFN-mediated inflammation and diabetes.”
  • Wei Ying, PhD , UCSD, and LIAI, for the proposal “Adipose tissue macrophages secrete exosomal miRNAs as paracrine molecules to directly modulate insulin target cell function in response to obesity.”
  • Marc Liesa-Roig,PhD, UCLA, for the proposal “A novel mitochondrial target determining hepatic insulin sensitivity in the obese.”
  • Jorge F. Giani, PhD, CEDARS-SINAI, for the proposal "The role of ACE on interleukin-1 beta production by renal tubular epithelial cells.”
  • Ju Youn Kim, PhD, UCSD, for the proposal "New Role of Caspase 2 in SREBP activation and de novo Lipid Synthesis via S1P cleavage.”
  • Phillip Gordts, PhD, UCSD for the proposal “Genetic Analysis of adipocyte‐associated Proteoglycans in type-2 diabetes and obesity.


​Junior Faculty Development Award winner:

  • Kyle J. Gaulton, PhD, UCSD, for the proposal "The Impact of Type 2 Diabetes Risk Variants on Transcriptional Regulation During Pancreatic Development". Partnered with UCSD Dean's Research Award.

​P&F awardees:

  • Shannon M. Reilly, PhD, UCSD, for the proposal "An Il-6/Stat3 Autocrine Axis in Adipose Tissue".
  • Stephanie Stanford, PhD, UCSD and LIAI, for the proposal "Elucidating the Role of LMPTP in Adipogenesis".
  • Li Zhang, PhD, UCLA, for the proposal "Novel Ubiquitination Pathways in Lipid Homeostasis".
  • Alexander Kauffman, PhD, UCSD, for the proposal "Role of Kisspeptin Signaling in Adiposity and Glucose Homeostasis".
  • Kellie Breen, PhD, and David Natale, PhD, UCSD, for the proposal "Glucocorticoid Disruption of Placental Junctional Zone Endocrine Function and the Downstream Prenatal Programming of Metabolic Syndrome".
  • Cathryn Kolka, PhD, CEDARS-SINAI, for the proposal "Energy Expenditure in Skeletal Muscle". Partnered with the Cedars-Sinai Dean's Reearch Award.


​​Junior Faculty Development Award winner:

  • Jonathan Wanagat, MD, PhD, UCLA, for the proposal "Determining the effects of muscle mitochondrial DNA copy number and quality control in insulin sensitivity".

​P&F awardees:

  • ​Timo Rieg, MD, UCSD, for the proposal "Role of leptin in the regulation of intestinal sodium glucose co-transporter 1". Partnered with UCSD Dean's Research Award.
  • Joseph Cantor, PhD, UCSD, for the proposal "CD98hc in pancreatic islet allograft rejection". Partnered with UCSD CTRI Research Award.
  • Thomas Hnasko, PhD, UCSD, for the proposal "Role of brain triglycerides sensing in rewrd: Why does fat taste so good?". Partnered with the UCSD Dean's Research Award.
  • Elizabeth Tarling, PhD, UCLA, for the proposal "Regulation of glucose and lipid homeostasis by the ubiquitin ligase RNF130". Partnered with UCLA CTSI.
  • ​Run Yu, PhD, CEDARS-SINAI, for the proposal "Regulation of pacratic alpha cell mass by glucagon signaling". Partnered with Cedars-Sinai Dean's Research Award.
  • Anne Beigneux, PhD, UCLA, for the proposal "Molecular Mechanisms underlying LPL physiology".


Junior Faculty Development Award winner:

  • ​Thomas Vallim, PhD, UCLA, for the proposal "Identifying a Role for FXR-MAFG in Bile Acid and Glucose Homeostasis". Partnered with UCLA CTSI.
  • Ji Zhang, PhD, UCSD, for his project "Identify a Novel Regulator of Adipose Tissue and Insulin Resistance". Declined

​P&F awardees:

  • Simon Schenk, PhD, UCSD, for the proposal "Regulation of Muscle Insulin Action, the Acetylome and Gene Transcription by GCN5". Partnered with UCSD Dean's Research Award.
  • Cynthia Hong, PhD, UCLA, for the proposal "Adipose Cholesteron Metabolism and Type 2 Diabetes".
  • Wenxian Fu, PhD, UCSD, for the proposal "Identifying the Initiating Factors in Type 1 Diabetes by Disclosing the Crosstalk among Islet Vascular Inflammation, Immune Responses and Beta Cell Death". Partnered with UCSD CTRI and UCSD Dean's Research Award.
  • Olivia Osborn, PhD, UCSD, for the proposal "Identification of hypothalamic targets for the prevention of relapse to obesity after weight loss".
  • Simon Hui, PhD, UCLA, for the proposal "Regulation of Insulin Sensitivity by Acad11".


​Junior Faculty Development Award winner:

  • Yun Sok Lee, PhD, UCSD, for his project "Fractalkine in Type II Diabetes".

P&F awardees:

  • Ruchi Mathur, MD, Cedars-Sinai, for the proposal "Small Intestinal M. smithii Colonization and Cardiometabolic Genes in the Pathophysiology of Diabetes". Partnered with Cedars-Sinai Clinical Scholars Award.
  • Sangeeta Dhawan, PhD, UCLA, for the proposal "Identification and targeting of small molecules for promoting beta cell regeneration". Partnered with UCLA CTSI.
  • Christian Metallo, PhD, UCSD, for the proposal "Targeting the mitochondrial pyruvate carrier to reprogram central carbon metabolism".
  • Da Young Oh, PhD, UCSD, for the proposal "Characterization of distinct subpopulations of hepatic macrophages in the context of diet induced obesity and insulin resistance". Partnered with UCSD Dean's Research Award.
  • Satchinananda Panda, PhD, The Salk Institute, for the proposal "Time-restricted feeding as a viable lifestyle intervention to reduce body weight and improve metabolism".
  • Neal K. Davaraj, PhD, UCSD, for the proposal "Amplifying PET Imaging Signals for In Vivo Detection of Pancreatic Beta-cells". Partnered with UCSD CTRI.


Junior Faculty Development Award winner:

  • Jane J. Kim, MD, UCSD, for her project "The Epigenome in Obesity and Insulin Resistance

​P&F awardees:

  • Robyn Cunard, MD, UCSD, for her proposal "Novel Regulators of Podocyte Function in Diabetes".
  • Ming Guo, MD/PhD, UCLA, for the proposal "Identifying Disease State Suppressors in a Drosophila Model of Type 2 Diabetes".
  • ​Djurdjica Coss, PhD, UCSD, for the study asking "Does Maternal Obesity Alter Inflammatory Cytokines in the Hypothalamus and Pituitary and Predispose Offspring to Reproductive Pathologies?".


Junior Faculty Development Award winner:

  • Lily C. Chao, MD, UCLA, for her project studying NUR77 as a Novel Regulator of Mitochondrial Biogenesis and Function.

P&F awardees:


  • Simon Schenk, PhD, UCSD, for his proposal to study Regulation of Skeletal Muscle Insulin Action and Gene Transcription by SIRT1.
  • Olivai Osborn, PhD, UCSD, for studying the effects of Deletion of G Protein Coupled Receptor 21 (GPR21) in Mice on Insulin Sensitivity.
  • EekJoong Park, PhD, UCSD, in studying NOD2 prevention of TLR4-mediated Insulin Resistance and Liver Steatosis; a new mechanistic link between TLR4-NOD2-mTOR.


​Inaugural Junior Faculty Development Award winner:

  • Da Young Oh, PhD, UCSD, for her project studying GPR120 as an Omega-3 Fatty Acid Receptor Mediating Potent Anti-Inflammatory and Insulin Sensitizing Effects.

​P&F awardees:

  • ​Ning-Ai Liu, MD, PhD, Cedars-Sinai-UCLA, for her proposal to study Glucocorticoid-induced insulin resistance in zebrafish.
  • Renata Pereira, PhD, UCLA, for studying the role of FGF-23 in skeletal mineralization.
  • Daniel DeUgarte, MD, from UCLA, to investigate the Impact of Bariatric Surgery on Metabolic Phenotype, Gene Expression, and Epigenome.
  • Alexander Sasha Kauffman, PhD, UCSD, for investigating Neural Circuits Regulating and Timing Puberty in Normal and Overweight Mice.
  • Jane Kim, MD, UCSD, for her work on Sialic Acids in Obesity and Metabolism.
  • WuQiang Fan, MD, PhD, UCSD, for a project to study FOXO1 and Insulin resistance.


  • Mina Desai, Associate Professor, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA and Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center
    • Development of Insulin Resistance and Adiposity via PPAR Dysregulation
  • Anthony Heany, Associate Professor, Associate Professor, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, Co-Director, Pituitary & Neuroendocrine Tumor Program, Departments of Medicine & Neurosurgery, Cedars-Sinai
    • Role of GLUT5 in Pathogenesis of Metabolic Syndrome
  • Karen Herbst, Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine, University of California, San Diego
    • Blockade of Receptor Cleavage in Diabetes Mellitus with an MMP Inhibitor
  • Andrea Hevener, Assistant Professor, Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Hypertension, Department of Medicine, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA
    • The Impact of Myeloid-Specific ERα Expression on Inflammation, Insulin Action and Adiposity
  • ARRA FUNDING Doubled Our P&F Awards for 2009 and for 2010!

  • Gregory Harmon, Clinical Instructor, Department of Medicine, Division of Gastroenterology, UCSD
    • Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor Gamma Ameliorates the Phenotype of Cystic Fibrosis


  • Michael Downes, Senior Staff Scientist, Gene Expression Laboratory, The Salk Institute for Biological Sciences, La Jolla
    • Deciphering Nuclear Receptor Regulation of Diabetes via Promoter Ontology analysis

  • Jamie Powers, Clinical Instructor, Mattel Children’s Hospital, Department of Pediatrics, UCLA
    • Effects of Hyperglycemia on Adrenal Cortex Function and Steroidogenesis

  • Senta Giorgia, Assistant Adjunct Professor, Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Hypertension, Department of Medicine, Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA
    • Using Comparative Methylation and Gene Expression Analysis to Understand Age-Restricted Beta Cell Replication in Response to Insulin Resistance


  • Laura Cobb, PhD, UCLA Pediatrics Endocrinology, Assistant Professor SHLPs: a novel family of peptides regulating glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity
  • Aleksey Matveyenko, PhD, UCLA Endocrinology, Assistant Professor Elucidation of Mechanism(s) by Which Circadian Rhythm Disturbances Increase the Risk for Development of Type 2 diabetes
  • Varykina Thackray, PhD, UCSD Reproductive Medicine, Assistant Professor The Role of the Forkhead Transcription Factor, FoxO1 in the Pituitary Gonadotrope: A Link Between Metabolism and Fertility?
  • Robyn Cunard, MD, UCSD Nephrology, Assistant Professor Podocyte TRB3 in Diabetic Nephropathy


  • Anthony Heaney, MD, PhD, UCLA Endocrinology, Associate Professor Fructose & ES Beta Cells
  • Kuk-Wha Lee, MD, PhD, UCLA Pediatrics, Assistant Professor Humanin Prevention T1DM
  • Shou Lin, PhD, UCLA MCDB, Professor Zebrafish Pancreas Development
  • Dorothy Sears, PhD, UCSD Endocrinology, Assistant Professor Osteopontin & IR
  • Run Yu, MD, PhD Cedars Endocrinology, Assistant Professor Beta Cell Securin & CDKI


  • Steven Chessler, MD, PhD, UCSD Endocrinology, Assistant Professor Neurexin and Beta Cells
  • Seth Field, MD, PhD, UCSD Endocrinology, Assistant Professor Phospho-Inositol Regulation by Insulin & IGF
  • Chris Hupfeld, MD, UCSD Endocrinology, Assistant Professor Insulin Receptor & Arrestin Interaction
  • Katrina Dipple, MD, PhD UCLA Genetics, Assistant Professor GKD in Insulin Resistance
  • Pam Itkin-Ansari, PhD, UCSD Pediatrics, Assistant Prof Beta Cell Differentiation


  • Anil Bhushan, PhD, UCLA Islet Center, Assistant Professor p27 and Beta Cells
  • Mark Goodarzi, MD, PhD, CSMC Medicine, Assistant Professor AMPD1 and Insulin
  • Harley Kornblum, MD, PhD, UCLA Neurology, Associate Professor Hormones & Neural Stem Cells
  • Susan Phillips, MD, UCSD Pediatrics, Assistant Professor Muscle-Fat Cross Talk in DM


  • Ulupi Jhala, PhD, UCSD Pediatrics, Assistant Research Scientist MLK3 in Pancreatic Beta Cell Death
  • Kuk-Wha Lee, MD, PhD, UCLA Pediatrics, Clinical Instructor IGFBP-3 and Insulin Resistance
  • Zhaoping Li, MD, PhD, UCLA Nutrition, Assistant Professor Diet IR, hsCRP and IGF-I/IGFBP-1
  • Andrea Hevener, PhD, UCSD Endocrinology, Assistant Professor PPAR Knock-Out and Insulin Resistance


  • Nai-Wen Chi, MD, PhD, UCSD Endocrinology, Assistant Professor Angiotensin-4 in 3T3-L1 Adipocytes
  • Mark Lawson, PhD, UCSD Reproductive Medicine, Assistant Professor Insulin & GnRH signaling
  • Susanne Nicholas, MD PhD, UCLA Medicine, Assistant Professor Diabetic Nephropathy Genes