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Please remember to cite the DRC Grant in all papers that utilize DRC Cores or are supported by the Pilot and Feasibility Awards:

"Our research utilized Core (or Research) support from the UCSD/UCLA NIDDK Diabetes Research Center P30 DK063491."

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DRC Cores and Programs
Alan Saltiel, PhD
​DRC PI/Director
Leticia Egea
Program Coordinator
858-534-6236​ ​
Peter Tontonoz, MD, PhD
​Pilot & Feasibility Program


Transgenic, CRISPR  Mutagenesis, and Knock-Out Mouse Core
Pamella Mellon, PhD
Core Director
Professor of Reproductive Medicine and Neurosciences
Jun Zhao
Transgenic Mice, CRISPR Mice, and Cryopreservation 
Yuan Zhong
Gene Targeting, Embryonic Stem Cells, and Blastocyst Injection 

Metabolic and Molecular Physiology Core
Andrea HevenerPhD
Core Director
Mouse Phenotyping and MSD Analyses
Linsey Stiles
Mitochondrial Respirometry, Mitochondrial Functional Analyses, & Confocal Microscopy
Jason Kim
​Diabetes Complications, Atherosclerotic Lesion Assessment, & Luminex Analyses

Genomics and Epigenetics Core
Kristen Jepsen, PhD
Director, IGM Genomics Center
University of California, San Diego
Leichtag Rm 184
9500 Gilman Dr.
La Jolla, CA 92093-0761
Sample Drop Off Hours: 
MWF: 10:00 am to 12:00 pm
TuTh: 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm

University of California, San Diego
Leichtag Rm 172
9500 Gilman Dr.
La Jolla, CA 92093-0761
Mailing Lists:

Human Genetics Core
Kaye Roll, RN

Genetics Study Coordinator
Institute for Translational Genomics and Population Sciences
Los Angeles Biomedical Research Center at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center
1124 West Carson Street, Bldg. E-5
Torrance, California 90502
Tel. 310-974-9329
Fax 310-533-8519

Jerome Rotter, MD
Core PI

Mark Goodarzi, MD, PhD
Core PI

Lymphoblastoid Cell Line Facility 

Y-D Ida Chen, PhD

Genotyping Laboratory

Kent D. Taylor, PhD

Statistical Genetic Analysis

Xiuqing Guo, PhD


Jie Tang, PhD


Dhruv Sareen, PhD

Targeted Pathway Analysis Core
Julian Whitelegge, PhD, Core Director
Sub-Core A: Proteomics
Oswald Quehenberger, PhD, Core Co-Director
Sub-Core B: Lipidomics