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Alan Saltiel, PhDWelcome to the UCSD-UCLA Diabetes Research Center.

For the past 17 years, the UCSD-UCLA DRC has linked together the diabetes and metabolism research activities of two major universities within the UC system and three outstanding Institutes in Southern California.

This effort has fostered new collaborations and interactions between outstanding scientists within and across these institutions.

The DRC will continue to advance scientific and intellectual interactions by organizing and facilitating meetings and lectures, mentor young scientists through support of our Pilot Grants and Enrichment Programs, accelerate diabetes research by providing state-of-the-art services through five cutting-edge cores, and accelerate translational research activity and collaborations through interactions with the Clinical and Translational Science Award programs at each institution.

Alan Saltiel, PhD
DRC Director


The overall mission of the UCSD-UCLA DRC is to foster research in the prevention and treatment of diabetes and its complications, and to improve the lives of patients suffering from this devastating disease.

The UCSD-UCLA DRC functions not only to integrate research activities across the five institutions, but also serves as a hub for other research enterprises in the Southern California area and beyond. Together, the participating institutions constitute an unprecedented wealth of diabetes and metabolic research expertise and experience. In aggregate, the sponsored research programs at these institutions currently garner over $867 million dollars per year in direct costs, including over $76 million in diabetes and metabolic research to our DRC faculty.


These institutions incorporate outstanding research programs across the broad spectrum of basic and clinical diabetes research, and the DRC has cemented Southern California as a hub for innovation in diabetes research, education and treatment.

The center is organized into five Biomedical Research Bases:

The DRC supports four Core facilities:

The Center is an important resource for education, training, raising awareness of endocrine and diabetes research. It supports:

Above: Altman Clinical and Translational Research Institute at UC San Diego Health Sciences, credit: Paul Turang. All photos copyright Regents of the University of California.

News and Announcements

Ahamadian fellowship awarded to six undergraduates

The new dealine to submit applicatinos for the Pilot and Feasibility Projects is March 1, 2022

Dr. Alan Saltiel and Dr. Joan Heller Brown are this year ASPET award winners

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