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Congratulation to the Recipients of 2022 Maryam Ahmadian Memorial Summer Fellowship

​We are pleased to announce the second class of Ahmadian Scholars for the summer of 2022. After receiving over a dozen applications from stellar candidates, six UC, San Diego undergraduate students were selected to participate in the research program. These six students will carry out research projects in the laboratories of Diabetes Research Center investigators this summer.

Emily Zhang is a second-year undergraduate from the Bay Area, studying Bioinformatics and minoring in Global Health at UCSD. She is interested in biomedical informatics and hopes to pursue a career in preventative healthcare. Her research interests surround metabolic studies, immunology, and genomics. In her free time, Emily enjoys dancing, baking, and hiking. 

Yuqi Wang is a junior at UCSD majoring in Bioinformatics. Her research interests are rooted in metabolism and diabetes. She is looking forward continuing her research on insulin resistance and metabolic diseases primarily through the tools of bioinformatics in the laboratory of Amit Majithia. Outside of the lab, she enjoys hiking, snowboarding, and exploring new restaurants.

Timothy Yuan is a sophomore studying biochemistry at UCSD. Over the summer, he will be studying the role of protein targeting to glycogen (PTG) in glycogen metabolism in the laboratory of Dr. Alan Saltiel. Outside of the lab, he loves playing saxophone, League of Legends, and spending time with Christians at UCSD. He hopes to pursue a career in research.

Sharanya Sriram is a sophomore majoring in Molecular and Cell Biology at UCSD. Over the summer, she will be continuing her work in the lab of Dr. Maike Sander, where she studies the role of macrophages in diet-induced islet inflammation during type 2 diabetes progression. Her interests outside of research include creative writing, climate activism, and science communication.

Laura Long is a senior at UCSD majoring in General Biology and Minor in Law and Society. Her research interests are structural biochemistry, metabolic biochemistry, and human physiology. She studies the molecular pathways underlying glucose uptake in skeletal muscle in Dr. Schenk’s lab. In her free time, Laura likes to play sports, such as boxing, yoga and tennis.

Tammy-Nhu Nguyen is a junior studying Bioengineering: Biotechnology with a minor in General Biology at UCSD. She developed a passion for metabolic research while working in the Saltiel lab, and has interests in women's health. Tammy is an active member of the UCSD student body; she is the Vice President of Finance for the Biomedical Engineering Society, a member of the Society of Women Engineers, and a math tutor. 

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