DRC P&F Awardees

2022 DERC P&F Grants AWARDED

Pilot and Feasibility Projects in Endocrinology & Diabetes
Pilot & Feasibility Program, Director: Peter Tontonoz

On behalf of the UCSD/UCLA Diabetes Research Center Pilot and Feasibility Grant Committee, the UCSD/UCLA DRC Center is delighted to announce that we have awarded 7 outstanding projects for seed funding in 2022 out of 16 superb applications. The number and quality of the applications is clear evidence for the remarkable scientific environment that exists in our universities for supporting diabetes research especially among promising young scientists. The UCSD/UCLA DRC funds four grantees per year at approximately $40,000-$50,000. 

THE UCSD/UCLA DERC is Proud to Announce the 2022 P&F AWARDEES:
 2022 Junior Faculty Developmental Award winner: 

  • Emily C. Wang, MD, Ph.D, UCLA, for the proposal “Aster-mediated cholesterol transport in the intestine plays a major role in cholesterol absorption.”

P&F awardees: 
  • Julia Mack, PhD, UCLA, for the proposal “Endothelial Plasma Membrane Fludity in Vascular Health.”
  • Vala Hamidi, MD, UCSD, for the proposal “Identifying Responsible Signaling Pathway for Adrenergic Beta-3 Receptor Regulation in Human Subcutaneous White Adipose Tissue.”
  • Yuliya Skorobogatko, Ph.D, UCSD, for the proposal "The role of RalA in tissue-specific regulation of nutrient uptake by insulin.”
  • Kelli B. Church, Ph.D, UCSD for the proposal “Neural Mechanisms for Stress-Induced Diabetes Development.”
  • Francesca Telese, Ph.D, UCSD for the proposal “Epigenetic regulation of food intake behavior and body weight."
  • Matthew Wortham, Ph.D, UCSD for the proposal “Metabolic Signaling to the Epigenome in Pancreatic β-Cells (Renewal)."

Please join us in congratulating these promising young investigators!

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Final report and presentation at the annual retreat
A report on each pilot and feasibility study conducted will be provided at the end of the study period and an update will be provided yearly for four years after the completion of the award. These brief reports will contain professional career status at the time of the award and at the time of the report; an overview of the project including its significance and salient results; a list of resulting publications; and peer-reviewed subsequent funding in the same or related areas. Funded P&F investigators will attend the annual DRC retreat as well as a meeting of Regional P&F awardees, and present the results of their work in the year immediately following their award. Travel to these meetings will be charged to the individual P&F awards.