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Nicholas J. Webster, PhD

Nicholas J. Webster, PhD

Professor of Medicine
Chief of Endocrinology and Metabolism Associate Director for Shared Resources, Moores Cancer Center

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Our research focuses on the mechanism of hormonal regulation of different cellular processes. At the genomic level, we are interested in how hormones can regulate alternative splicing of mRNAs. At the cellular level, we are interested in how the hypothalamic neuropeptide gonadotropin releasing hormone stimulates pituitary gonadotropes to synthesize and secrete LH and FSH in response to varying pulse frequency and amplitude. At the physiological level, we are interested in how metabolic derangements such as caloric restriction or obesity alter reproductive function. At the therapeutic level, we are using combinatorial chemistry to develop agonists for neurotrophin receptors and testing them in mouse models of Alzheimer's Disease and traumatic brain injury.