Dr. Neil Chi

Dr. Neil Chi

Neil C. Chi, MD, PhD, is director of the UCSD Cardiovascular Genetics Clinic and Cardiac Tissue Harvest and Biorepository Core. He focuses on cardiac development and regeneration; novel disease gene targets and treatment; and gene and stem cell based therapies. More about Dr. Neil Chi.

About the Neil Chi Lab

We're gaining insights into the molecular mechanisms of cardiovascular diseases and the developmental pathways that help create the cardiovascular system. We hope to translate our findings into new methods of detecting and treating cardiovascular diseases, the leading causes of morbidity and mortality in children and adults around the world. Learn more.

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Your gifts help us bridge the gap between discovery and patient care. Contact Malcolm Aste, 858-657-5327, to partner with us.


  • Congratulations to Dekker Deacon for winning the UCSD School of Medicine Thomas E. Carew, MD Prize for Cardiovascular Research.
  • Also, congratulations to Dekker for winning the UCSD Cardiovascular Division Schulman Award.
  • Congratulations to Elie Farah for winning the UCSD Genetics Retreat Best Poster Award.
  • Also, good job to Elie for receiving the UCSD NIH Cardiovascular Pre-doctoral Training Award.
  • Congratulations to Peidong Han for his recent publication in Nature.
  • Congratulations to Ruilin Zhang for his publication in Nature.

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