The Cheresh Lab at UC San Diego

View from the Glider Port just to the west of our building

Researchers & Trainees

  • Joe Wawrzyniak PhD, Postdoctoral Scholar - Vascular remodeling in wound healing and cancer
  • Hiromi Wettersten PhD, Postdoctoral Scholar - Role of macrophages in tumor progression
  • Chengsheng Wu PhD, Postdoctoral Scholar - Targeting KRAS addiction in epithelial cancers
  • Taha Rakhshandehroo, PhD Candidate - Effects of cellular stress on tumor progression
  • Sara Weis PhD, Senior Scientist
  • Seung-Tae Kim MD, Visiting Scholar
  • Serena Tan, Undergraduate Student 
  • Swan Van, Undergraduate Student

Lab Staff

  • Alex Reiss, Lab Manager
  • Zoya Vigalok, Administrative Assistant
  • Tami Von Schalscha, Research Associate