COVID-19 Updates

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UC San Diego HEAR Committee Members

Sidney Zisook, MD (Chairman)

Courtney Sanchez, LCSW (Counselor)

Rachael Accardi, LMFT (Counselor)

Judy Davidson, DNP, RN, FCCM, FAAN

Gianni DeMichele, MFT

Colin Depp, PhD

Neal Doran, PhD

Nancy Downs, MD

Byron Fergerson, MD

Megan Hellfeld, MD, RDMS

Allison Kestenbaum

Emily Ho

Pamela Jong, MD

Daniel Lee, MD 

Kelly Lee, Pharm. D., BCCP

Isabel Newton, MD, PhD

William Norcross, MD

Sarah Pospos, MD, MS

Caryn Rubanovich, MS

James Chen, MD

Ming Tai-Seale, PhD, MPH

Maria Tiamson-Kassab, MD


Priti Ojha, MD

Kimberlee Eskierka

James Kane, Mn, RN, CNS

Alana Iglewicz, MD

Serena Floquet

Alison Cesarz, MD

Alan Card, PhD


***Please contact any of the committee members with questions or comments. We would love to hear from you.

If you are in crisis, please call 911 or 800-273-TALK