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mPEAK CTI: Mindful Performance Enhancement, Awareness & Knowledge

 Over the last several decades mindfulness has gained a strong reputation for serving individuals who identify with their suffering. But in recent years, as the interest in mindfulness has grown, more and more people have been attracted to these practices for their potential to improve performance as well as enhance overall quality of life.

The mPEAK Coach Training Intensive is for mindfulness teachers who are interested in expanding the scope of their offerings to work with athletes, executives, leaders, musicians, dancers, law enforcement, first responders and anyone who sets big goals and pushes themselves towards excellence.

Participants will use this immersive experience to explore the themes, rationales, intentions, and coaching skills that form the foundations of the mPEAK program. Additionally, participants will reflect on their ability to present these foundational elements with integrity, and the core competencies for becoming an effective and skillful mPEAK coach. The course will consist of experiential exercises and didactic discussions, as well as partner and group work that embodies the foundational attitudes of the mindful performer.

It is widely acknowledged within the field that the teaching of mindfulness and compassion arises out of the personal practice of them. Thus, training courses include substantial periods of personal practice of mindfulness meditation and compassion to help develop the personal and professional resource of these human qualities. An analogy might be that the swimming coach would have to be an excellent swimmer, or a violin teacher would actually be a skilled violinist. Therefore in the field of mindfulness and compassion, the teacher must have a well-developed and substantial experiential grounding in these practices, which is partially supported through meditative practice and exercises during the training.

See the full mPEAK Coach Training Pathway below.


Building on a previously established foundation of mindfulness, the mPEAK Coach Training Intensive course will equip coaches to:

  • Describe mindfulness in a performance related context
  • Demonstrate performance based variations of traditional MBSR guided practices
  • Articulate 7 Foundational Attitudes of the Mindful Performer
  • Discuss relevant neuroscience research
  • Learn to present topics related to mindfulness and performance
  • Apply coaching psychology skills to existing inquiry skills (Action & Integration)

Participant Guidelines for this year only: The mPEAK CTI will be offered virtually and is accepting all applicants with a regular meditation practice.

Participant Guidelines for in-person CTI

  • Previous participation in an 8-week mPEAK course, mPEAK 3-Day Intensive + 6 week virtual follow up, or the 6-week mFLEX and mFLOW courses. (If you have not attended the mPEAK courses, see the schedule page.)
  • Previous participation in an MBSR or MSC 8-week course
  • Ongoing, daily, sitting mindfulness meditation practice for at least one year
  • Professional experience as a mindfulness teacher or in a performance related context (Athletic Coach, Sports Psychologist, Personal Trainer, Leadership or Executive Coach, Yoga Instructor, Music, Dance or Art Teacher)

Required Application Form

During the registration process, you will be required to fill out an online mPEAK Coach Training Intensive Application. Should your qualifications not be accepted for admittance, a full refund will be granted.

Continuing Education Credit

Psychologists: This program is sponsored by UC San Diego Center for Mindfulness. The UC San Diego Center for Mindfulness is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. The UC San Diego Center for Mindfulness maintains responsibility for this program and its content. This course offers 14.0 CE credit.

California licensed MFTs, LPCCs, LEPs, LCSWs: This program is sponsored by UC San Diego Center for Mindfulness. The UC San Diego Center for Mindfulness is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. 14.0 CE credit may be applied to your license renewal through the California Board of Behavioral Sciences. For those licensed outside California, please check with your local licensing board to determine if CE credit is accepted.

Nurses: UC San Diego Center for Mindfulness is approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider Number CEP16351, for 16.5 contact hours.

Cultural and Linguistic Competency Statement

This activity is in compliance with California Assembly Bill 1195 which requires continuing medical education activities with patient care components to include curriculum in the subjects of cultural and linguistic competency. Cultural competency is defined as a set of integrated attitudes, knowledge, and skills that enables health care professionals or organizations to care effectively for patients from diverse cultures, groups, and communities. Linguistic competency is defined as the ability of a physician or surgeon to provide patients who do not speak English or who have limited ability to speak English, direct communication in the patient’s primary language. Cultural and linguistic competency was incorporated into the planning of this activity. Additional resources can be found on the UC San Diego CME website.


It is the policy of the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine to ensure balance, independence, objectivity and scientific rigor. All persons involved in the selection, development and presentation of content are required to disclose any real or apparent conflicts of interest. All conflicts of interest will be resolved prior to an educational activity being delivered to learners through one of the following mechanisms: 1) altering the financial relationship with the commercial interest, 2) altering the individual’s control over the CE content about the products or services of the commercial interest, and/or 3) validating the activity content through independent peer review. All persons are also required to disclose any discussions of off label/unapproved uses of drugs or devices. Persons who refuse or fail to disclose will be disqualified from participating in the activity.

Tentative Schedule

Day One & Day Two
Registration: 8:30 am – 9:00 am
Session: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Day Three
Session Ends: 1:00 pm

Recommended Reading


  • Altered Traits: Science Reveals How Meditation Changes Your Mind, Brain, and Body by Daniel Goleman and Richard J. Davidson
  • Mindful Sport Performance Enhancement: Mental Training for Athletes and Coaches by Keith A. Kaufman, Carol R. Glass, Timothy R. Pineau
  • Mindfulness for Student Athletes: A Workbook to Help Teens Reduce Stress and Enhance Performance by Gina M. Biegel MA LMFT and Todd H. Corbin CPC
  • A Still Quiet Place for Athletes: Mindfulness Skills for Achieving Peak Performance and Finding Flow in Sports and Life by Amy Saltzman MD
  • The Power of Mindfulness: Mindfulness Meditation Training in Sport (MMTS) by Amy Baltzell and Joshua Summers
  • Endure: Mind, Body, and the Curiously Elastic Limits of Human Performance by Alex Hutchinson and Malcolm Gladwell
  • Mindfulness and Performance (current perspective in social and behavioral sciences) edited by Amy Baltzell; chapter 9 is devoted to mPEAK
  • Resilience: The Science of Mastering Life’s Greatest Challenges by Steven M. Southwick
  • The Mindful Athlete: Secrets of Pure Performance by George Mumford
  • The Mindful Brain: Reflection and Attunement in the Cultivation of Well-Being by Daniel J. Siegel
  • The Rise of Superman: Decoding the Science of Ultimate Human Performance by Steven Kotler
  • Hardwiring Happiness: The New Brain Science of Contentment, Calm, and Confidence by Rick Hanson
  • Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
  • The Mindful Path to Self-Compassion by Christopher Germer

Frequently Asked Questions

What time should I plan to arrive? When do we finish?
We will begin checking people in at 8 am on the first day of the training. We plan to end the training by 1:00 pm on the last day so please plan your travel accordingly, using the time guidelines above. Sometimes situations arise in which people have to leave the training earlier than noon on the last day but we strongly urge you to avoid this if at all possible.

What should I expect regarding the format of the training?
This training is taught in an intensive experiential format, which means there is a great deal of mindfulness practice embedded in the training, and we want to reiterate that now so you are not surprised when you get here.

What should I read prior to arriving?
Check the “Schedule and Required Reading” page of the specific training you are registered to attend.

What if I require some special accommodations or have dietary restrictions?
While you are asked to note specific food restrictions on your registration application, if there are any additional food or medical concerns we should be aware of please let us know of these in advance so we may assist you.

Partial Payments

Partial payments are acceptable; however a non-refundable and non-transferable minimum deposit is due upon registration.

Please be aware that the early-bird rate is available for all participants who register and pay their balance in full by the early-bird deadline (see registration information above). All early-bird rate participants who have a remaining balance on or after the early-bird deadline will have their fees automatically adjusted to the General Session Rate.

All remaining balances must be paid in full 30 days prior to the start of the training or your registration will be cancelled for non-payment and you will not be permitted to attend.

Cancellation Policy

A refund (minus your $100 non-refundable and non-transferable deposit) will be made for cancellations submitted in writing 30 days prior to the training. No refunds will be allowed after that date.

In the unlikely event that the course is cancelled, UC San Diego Center for Mindfulness is responsible only for a full refund of the registration fee and not for transportation, hotel accommodations or any miscellaneous expenses.


mPEAK Coach Training Pathway

The process to becoming a fully certified mPEAK coach can be completed in 3 phases, The 3-Day Coach Training Intensive, The 10-Week Practicum and The Mentorship/ Certification Process. Each phase involves more extensive prerequisites, as well as a greater understanding of the mPEAK methodology, more advanced teaching competency and a deeper commitment to personal practice. Below is an outline of the three phases in the Coach Training Pathway

Phase 1: Coach in Training

Upon completion of the 3-day mPEAK Coach Training Intensive (outlined above), participants will receive a certificate of attendance and are known as mPEAK Coaches-in-Training. At this phase, Coaches-in-Training can share mindfulness meditation practices with friends, teammates, students and clients and coach them to integrate basic mindfulness skills into areas of performance. Coaches-in-Training may feel confident in offering a short (90min) presentation on Mindfulness and Performance but are not qualified to teach an mPEAK course.

Phase 2: Trained mPEAK Coach

Those wishing to be recognized as Trained mPEAK Coaches must complete an additional 10-week virtual mPEAK Coach Training Practicum. Each week selected participants will present specific and unique elements of the mPEAK curricula, and receive feedback from the group and the course facilitators.

Upon completion of the virtual Coach Training Practicum, participants may promote themselves as Trained mPEAK Coaches and begin offering mPEAK in the 3-Day Intensive or 8-Week format

Additional Prerequisites for 10-week Coach Training Practicum


  • Attendance in at least one 5-day silent, teacher-led meditation retreat
  • Ongoing, daily, sitting mindfulness meditation practice for at least two years

Cost: $1,250

MBPTI Application Fee: $100

Phase 3: Certified mPEAK Coaches

If a participant wishes to become a Certified mPEAK coach, they must apply for mentorship and complete one of the following two options:

  1. Complete 10 weekly mentorship sessions during the process of leading their own 8-week mPEAK course

  • Mentorship Administration Fee: $100
  • Cost: $2,250 (based on US rate of $225 per session)
  • Mentorship sessions will focus on supporting Coaches in Training to prepare for, process learning and review challenges in each class.
  1. Promote and co-lead an mPEAK 3-Day Intensive along with their mPEAK Mentor.

  • Cost: Full compensation for the course would go to the Mentor in exchange for the Supervision process around the training. Travel may also need to be covered by the Trainee.
  • An agreed amount of mentorship sessions will be completed before and after the co-lead 3-Day Intensive to prepare for and process the event.

Additional Prerequisites for mPEAK Mentorship & Certification

  • Extensive formal training or certification in a Mindfulness Based Intervention such as Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, Mindful Self Compassion, UCLA MARC Trained Mindfulness Facilitator or equivalent experience as determined by the course facilitators

Mentorship and feedback will be based upon the following:

Mentorship can be used to prepare for mPEAK sessions and process specific challenges that arise during the course. Mentorship is also used to evaluate the effectiveness of the Coaches in Training. During the 10-week mentorship, the Coach in Training will be asked to provide two 20-minute video recordings from the following list of mPEAK Core Competencies for review and discussion:

  1. mPEAK Exercises: Straw Breathing Exercise, Ice Bucket Challenge, 3-D Image “Letting Go”, Paperclip Competition

  2. Didactic: Intro to Mindfulness, Neuroscience of Performance, mPEAK Foundational Attitudes, Context around 4 Pillars of mPEAK

  3. Inquiry: Processing the formal meditation or yoga practice experience

  4. Integration: Discussion and processing how to apply mindfulness to any areas of performance

Upon completion of the above, certification is at the discretion of the mentor. If after the Trained mPEAK Coach has completed all three phases of training, it is determined that they are still not yet ready to be certified, the Coach in Training and the Mentor together will co-create a plan for continued support until the professional standards for certification have been met. There may be additional fees for the agreed upon additional support. It is the intention of the mentors to support mentees in moving toward certification as efficiently as is skillfully possible.

Estimated Fees For mPEAK Coach Certification:

mPEAK 3-Day Coach Training Intensive: $1,250
mPEAK 10-Week Practicum: $1,250
MBPTI Application Fee: $100
10 sessions of Individual Mentorship for Certification : $2,250
Mentorship Administration Fee: $100
Coach Certification Review Fee: $400



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