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What We Do

Mindfulness based research has grown exponentially in the last 20 years and been found to significantly improve a wide spectrum of health outcomes, increase empathy/altruistic behaviors, curb addiction and increase well-being. The newly developed research program at the UCSD Center for Mindfulness is premised on expanding on this work by examining the efficacy of mindfulness therapies on a range of clinical conditions, assess the role of mindfulness and compassion training on well-being, and to identify the active mechanisms of action supporting mindfulness and contemplative-based practices employing rigorous research methodologies and techniques. We have established an internationally-recognized team of experts within and outside of UCSD to accomplish these goals. We aim to not appreciate if and how mindfulness alleviates suffering but also to better bridge explanatory gaps focused on identifying how mindfulness works, for what clinical populations, delivery methods and durations, and the corresponding psychological and physiological processes. We employ novel psychological, neuroimaging, and physiological methodologies in a multimodal and interdisciplinary approach to best address these goals. 

The UCSD Center for Mindfulness Research Program is pleased to offer scientifically validated mindfulness and non-mindfulness interventions for research purposes. All interventions will be conducted by Certified facilitators that have been formally trained to deliver a range of mindfulness interventions (mindfulness; compassion; mPEAK). We can offer these on a one-to-one or e-delivery method. Please contact the UCSD Center for Mindfulness Associate Director of Research, Dr. Fadel Zeidan for further inquires at