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Tarane Sondoozi, Ph.D.

Tarane Sondoozi, Ph.D.

Mindful Eating Teacher
Certified MBSR Teacher

Dr. Tarane Sondoozi holds a doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology and is currently an Employee Assistance Professional and adjunct faculty for Scripps Health Center for Learning and Innovation. She is an author, a master story teller, a well sought after speaker and innovative teacher whose work fosters professional and personal wellness and growth. Dr. Sondoozi is interested in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Program to improve quality of life, especially for patients with life altering diagnosis and/or procedures such as cancer, cardiac or bariatric surgeries. She has been offering Mindfulness Based Practices for physicians and employees at all levels of the organization throughout Scripps Health as part of their Wellness Program since 2013. Dr. Sondoozi has an avid passion for promoting Mindfulness Based Practices as part of her professional work and as part of her healing approach in dealing with her own breast cancer.

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