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Faculty & Staff


Douglas Ziedonis, MD, MPH
Executive Director

Noriko Harth
Managing Director

Fadel Zeidan, PhD
Associate Director for Research

William Songer
Administrative Coordinator

Renee Lewis
Youth, Family & School-Based Programs Acting Director, 
Business Manager

Program Directors & Managers

Christy Cassisa
Workplace Programs
Lead Instructor

Lorraine Duran Hobbs, MA, CHom
Youth, Family & School-based Programs Founding Director

Pete Kirchmer
mPEAK Program Director

Megan Prager
Compassion Programs Director 


Steven D. Hickman, Psy.D.
Founding Director 
Senior Advisor

Allan Goldstein
Senior Advisor
Ampudia, Mariana Youth Program Teacher
Bhatti, Tahir MDWelness Physician,%20JD.png
Cassisa, Christy JDWorkplace Program Lead Instructor
Harrell, Taylor M.A.Youth Program Teacher
Harth, Noriko Morita Managing Director
Hickman, Stephen D. Psy.D.Founding Director,%20MA.jpg
Hobbs, Lorraine Duran MAYouth, Family & School-Based Programs Founding Director
Kirchmer, Peter mPEAK Program Director
Lewis, Renee Youth, Family & School-Based Programs Acting Director
Poe, Burrell Teacher
Prager, Megan Compassion Program Director
Shah, Cheryl Teacher
Songer, William Administrative Coordinator
Zeidan, Fadel Ph.D.Associate Director
Ziedonis, Douglas MD, MPHExecutive Director