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​Public Health Internship

We are an official internship site for the SDSU and National University Graduate Programs in Public Health. We also provide less formal internship opportunities to students from other universities. Current public health opportunities include projects on infectious diseases, smoking behaviors, diabetes prevention, social marketing, healthcare integration, and early screening and treatment for mental health issues.    

Psychology and Program Evaluation Internships

We are an official site for the SDSU Psychology Department’s Program Evaluation Internship. Among many other projects, we hold contracts with San Diego County to evaluate the effectiveness of dozens of very different programs in the areas of mental health, substance abuse and addiction, homelessness, and community outreach and education. There are occasional opportunities to visit treatment staff at these programs for students interested in exploring careers or making connections with community organizations.

Undergraduate Internships

Our undergraduate interns come from a variety of disciplines. They gain valuable exposure to the experience of research by helping with data collection and processing, synthesizing results of literature searches for publications, and by attending health-related community meetings involving a variety of program stakeholders. Many also earn the opportunity to participate in the development of academic posters and publications to disseminate research findings.


To apply for an internship position, please email:

Dr. Andrew Sarkin

Be sure to include your name, phone, email, and any relevant information about contacting you. Also let us know your school/program/field of study or major, whether you are a graduate student or undergraduate and how far along you are in your program.

Finally, tell us a little about your interest in research and any relevant skills you have, such as being bilingual, having exceptional computer skills, being good at working with people, relevant classes such as statistics, or anything else that relates to your internship interest.


Community Services and Supports (CSS) Tracking, Monitoring, and Evaluation System Project

Prevention and Early Intervention (PEI)

San Diego County Behavioral Health Services

Development of a Translational Tool to Study Yoga Therapy (EPYQ)

Global Consortium for Drug-resistant TB Diagnostics (GCDD)
Diabetes Prevention Program Outcomes Study (DPPOS)

Veterans Telemedicine Studies (VTOPS & DOD)

Integrated Care Model for Improving HCV Outcomes (HCV)​