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Services Overview

Research Study Design and Project Planning
Comprehensive study design including project management, participant recruitment, tracking and management, measurement design and validation, and literature and instrument review.

Data Coordination

Data management and coordination using MIS, CATI, IVR, Internet Adaptive Surveying, and Alternative Document transfer.

Data Analytics

Analytic strategies custom designed to achieve the research goals of each individual project.

Data Dissemination

Published results from any stage of completion to final publication.

Health Economics and Medical Decision Making

Rigorous methodologies for assessing costs, cost effectiveness, and the impact of patient and provider attitudes and decisions on health behaviors and clinical outcomes.

Health Assessment and Instrumentation

Expert design, measurement, validation and review of health assessment instruments.

Research Consulting

A full range of research consulting services for academic and clinical investigators and organizations designed to meet the specific needs of each individual project.

Health Outcomes Management Software

The Health Outcomes Management System (HOMS) is a secure, integrated web-based system for managing and tracking a wide range of health outcomes. For more information, please review the introduction to HOMS Manual.

Introduction to HOMS.pdf