Development of a Translational Tool to Study Yoga Therapy (EPYQ)

​The Essential Properties of Yoga Questionnaire (EPYQ) is being designed to address current limitations in the yoga literature and to advance yoga-related research.  The measure developed in this project will allow users to rate the levels of various dimensions or components of yoga interventions. The measure will be appropriate for use by objective raters, teachers, and students.  In addition, we foresee the EPYQ to be useful to those conducting other complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) interventions. 

San Diego is one of 3 study sites across the U.S. working in collaboration to develop the EPYQ.  The overall study comprises 4 phases designed to systematically develop and test a reliable, valid and useful quantitative measure of the components and dimensions of yoga.  Each phase builds upon the previous phase.  Phase I aims to gain a comprehensive understanding of the relevant aspects of yoga therapy and develop a large pool of potential questionnaire items by conducting a thorough literature review and focus groups with yoga teachers and students.  These data will be analyzed using rigorous qualitative methods to identify key conceptual dimensions associated with yoga interventions. Phase II will develop a prototypic questionnaire to assess yoga therapy by refining and honing information from Phase I and conducting cognitive interviews to further develop this instrument. Phase III will pilot test the measure in groups of yoga students and use factor analysis and item response theory to select the best items per dimension and to reduce the number of items in the measure.  Phase IV will collect data using the new instrument and test the psychometric properties of the questionnaire.

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