San Diego County Behavioral Health Services

​HSRC provides data analysis and performance monitoring to San Diego County Behavioral Health Services in support of their Quality Improvement (QI) Unit. This large project also involves tracking and evaluating Mental Health Services Act programs and services, reporting on MHSA programs at the County, level of care, and program levels.  

As part of this effort we work closely with stakeholders throughout the public mental health system.  This includes the Behavioral Health administration, with whom we collaborate to refine evaluation strategies, QI members, contract representatives (COTRs) who can provide detailed information on monitoring of programs, program administrators who can provide insight into the challenges of measuring outcomes of their clients, program staff who provide input on the clinical usefulness of evaluation measures, and clients who provide feedback on the perceived usefulness of outcomes measures, and who are consulted regularly to assess satisfaction with services as well as service needs and gaps.

HSRC works collaboratively with many diverse interest and stakeholder groups including consumer, community, and healthcare organizations.  Evaluation related activities have included running focus groups and interviews with stakeholder advisory groups, developing research measurement tools for providers and then training hundreds of providers in their use, validating measures in clinical settings with consumers, and reporting and dissemination of research results to providers and the community. 

The breadth of our involvement in the public mental health system adds a depth of understanding that both strengthens our evaluations and orients them to be more client and recovery focused.  Our involvement also makes our findings more credible and more useable to stakeholders who ultimately make or are affected by decisions regarding mental health services or strategies.


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