Development of a Translational Tool to Study Yoga Therapy (EPYQ)

The Essential Properties of Yoga Questionnaire (EPYQ) was designed to address  limitations in the yoga literature and to advance yoga-related research. The EPYQ measure allows researchers to rate the degree to which various dimensions or components of yoga are present in their yoga interventions. 

The measure is currently validated for use by objective raters. Ongoing work aims to train researchers to rate their own interventions in a reliable and validated manner. In addition, the measure may have other uses for yoga teachers, participants, and with other complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) interventions.  Led by Dr. Groessl, UCSD-HSRC was one of 3 study sites across the U.S. working in collaboration to develop the EPYQ--Essential Properties of Yoga Questionnaire to address current limitations in yoga literature and advance yoga-related research.

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