Global Consortium for Drug-resistant TB Diagnostics (GCDD)

The Global Consortium for Drug-resistant TB Diagnostics (GCDD) is an international collaboration of researchers, healthcare professionals, and tuberculosis experts who aim to reduce the time to detection of extensively drug-resistant TB (XDRTB).  UCSD’s Health Services Research Center is the main data coordinating center for this partnership.  This 5 year grant, funded by the National Institutes of Health, relies heavily on the accurate and efficient handling of study data.  Data are collected from four international enrollment sites: India, Moldova, the Philippines, and South Africa, as well as from three domestic laboratory sites: Richmond, CA; Honolulu, HI; and San Diego, CA and stored securely at HSRC.  The complexities involved in collecting high quality data from these sources requires several data collection methods, something HSRC specializes in. Among these methods are web-based data entry systems and direct interface with laboratory equipment.  Providing expert advice on data collection tools, delivering data for key decisions, and producing data reports are also vital to the success of the GCDD study.

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