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Projects Overview

ProjectsProject Lead

San Diego County Behavioral Health Services

HSRC provides data analysis and performance monitoring to San Diego County Behavioral Health Services. Supporting projects include CSS, PEI, INN, and Clubhouse.

Steven Tally, PhD

Development of a Translational Tool to Study Yoga Therapy (EPYQ)

San Diego is one of 3 study sites across the U.S. working in collaboration to develop the EPYQ--Essential Properties of Yoga Questionnaire to address current limitations in the yoga literature and to advance yoga-related research.

Danielle Casteel, MA

Diabetes Prevention Program Outcomes Study (DPPOS)

The study assessed patients at high risk of developing diabetes to assess the long-term effects of lifestyle modifications of improved diet and exercise along with on oral anti-diabetes medication to help prevent the development of diabetes.

Helen Chong, MPH


Los Angeles County MHSA Innovations Mental Health Integration Programs (INN-2)

INN-2 is a four year initiative that centers on building the capacity of communities to identify and support community members at risk of trauma or experiencing trauma by utilizing strategies that embody shared community values, leadership development, and community member empowerment.

Kim Center, MA

Program Evaluation of SAMHSA-Funded Drug Abuse Treatment Programs at San Diego County's La Maestra Family Clinic

HSRC collaborates with La Maestra's PDOA-MAT and SBIRT stakeholders to develop and implement an evaluation plan to measure the progress patients make toward successful outcomes and to inform program improvement efforts.

Andrew Sarkin, PhD

Evaluation of San Diego County Suicide Prevention Action Plan Update 2018

The aim of the evaluation is to assess the effectiveness of the San Diego Suicide Prevention Council's efforts in implementing strategy specific actions. The development of the evaluation plan and its implementation will occur in stages. Between 2018 and 2020, in collaboration with a strategic planning consultant, strategic planning and evaluation meetings will be held with a wide range of behavioral health stakeholders to identify priority activities.

Andrew Sarkin, PhD

​Drug Medi-Cal Organized Delivery System

Since its implementation on July 1, 2018, HSRC has been the contracted research center for the Drug Medi-Cal Organized Delivery System (DMC-ODS) for San Diego County Behavioral Health Services (SDCBHS).

Amy Panczakiewicz, MA

Next Steps Project

Next Steps program is a recovery-oriented peer and family support program and provides outreach and engagement to individuals experiencing mental health, substance misuse or co-occurring challenges and their family members.

Katie Rule, MPH