Marissa Goode, MS

Project Coordinator / Program Evaluation Specialist

Ms. Goode is project lead on HSRC's ongoing evaluation of the Orange County Healthcare Agency's PEI and CSS programs (Todd Gilmer, PI) and the evaluation of the Los Angeles County Mental Health Services Innovations Model. She assists in the development of evaluation plans and measure selection, and conducts training sessions, performs data analysis and reporting, assists in quarterly collaborative learning sessions with providers and county staff, and serves as a liaison with community groups. Ms. Goode also orchestrates the qualitative evaluation of the Inland Empire Health Plan's BHICCI programs. She previously served as project lead on the San Diego County Behavioral Health Services Adult and Older Adult PEI contract, providing evaluation design, program support and provider training, HOMS user support, data management, analysis, and reporting. 


​Research Study Design and Project Planning

Data Coordination

Data Analytics

Data Dissemination

Health Economics and Medical Decision Making

Health Assessment and Instrumentation

Research Consulting
Health Outcomes

Management Software