Amy Pancakiewicz, MA

Project Manager

Amy earned her Master's degree in Psychology with an emphasis on behavioral and cognitive neuroscience from San Diego State University. As a project manager at HSRC, her work focuses on managing reporting efforts for the San Diego County Adult and Older Adult (AOA) Behavioral Health System, and leading the Performance Improvement Projects (PIPs) for the San Diego County Drug Medi‑Cal Organized Delivery System (DMC-ODS). She also manages the neuropsychological data collection at UCSD as a part of two multi-site studies focusing on the validation of saliva biomarkers for Neuro-Cognitive Disorder due to traumatic brain injuries (NCDT). Her past work at HSRC includes assistance with the evaluation of the Behavioral Health Integration and Complex Care Initiative (BHICCI) in the Inland Empire, and development of automated reports for the Mental Health Outcomes Management System (mHOMS) data system.


​Research Study Design and Project Planning

Data Coordination

Data Analytics

Data Dissemination

Health Economics and Medical Decision Making

Health Assessment and Instrumentation

Research Consulting
Health Outcomes 

Management Software