Mark Atkinson, PhD

Faculty Consultant

Dr. Atkinson specializes in the design, validation and use of patient-reported outcome (PRO) measures for the purposes of:

  • Prediction of health-related behavior
  • Demonstration of clinical and patient value
  • Evaluation of treatment interventions
  • Product development

His interests in PRO measurement, research methodology, and modeling theory are also applied to the study of disease impact, health economics and end-point modeling. Dr. Atkinson specializes in the use of a variety of methodological approaches:

  • Clinical interviewing and qualitative focus group methodologies
  • Structural modeling of health and illness constructs
  • Cost effectiveness analysis
  • Application of internet-based health information systems


​Research Study Design and Project Planning

Data Coordination

Data Analytics

Data Dissemination

Health Economics and Medical Decision Making

Health Assessment and Instrumentation

Research Consulting
Health Outcomes

Management Software