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​"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be they food." Hippocrates

"The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison." Ann Wigmore.

"If it were not for the great variability among individuals, medicine might as well be a science, not an art." William Osler.

"We must treat the whole problem of health in soil, plan, animal and man as one great subject." Sir Albert Howard.

Advanced Training

​If you're ready to embark on a health transformation using food as medicine, check out our online certificate program in Integrative Nutrition and Culinary Healing or dive right into our hands-on Natural Healing & Cooking School classes.

Cooking School

​Learn how to use the natural healing power of food to rejuvenate yourself from the inside-out. This interactive 8-class series teaches a proven, practical and delicious way to not only support optimal health, but to fight and protect against obesity, diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune disorders and cancer.

Patient Care

​Integrative nutrition services are typically a referral based appointment made in conjunction with one of the members of your care team. Appointments may be scheduled by calling (858) 249-6890. Please be prepared to complete a 3-day food record and medication + supplement list prior to the first visit. This form may be found here.   

Healing Recipes

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