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KEF Awards

The following research projects* have been funded by the Krupp Endowed Fund to date:

  1. Anti-inflammatory diet and rheumatoid arthritis (PI Guma) 
  2. Magnesium effects on arterial compliance and cerebral blood flow (PI Liu) 
  3. Diet, endometriosis, and the gut microbiome (PI Agarwal)
  4. Nitrate vegetable-rich diet and vision in patients with blinding eye diseases (glaucoma and macular degeneration) (PI Zangwill) 
  5. Effect of nutrition and healthy lifestyle on cardiac perfusion and risk factors in patients with heart disease (PI Mills) 
  6. Glutathione in type II diabetes (PI Bradley) 
  7. CBD for psychosis (PI Cadenhead) 
  8. Congee for sepsis prevention in cancer patients undergoing stem cell transplantation (PI Costello) 
  9. Clinical and biological changes in RA patients with sustained clinical remission during therapy de-escalation combined with anti-inflammatory/probiotic diet (PI Guma) 
  10. Glutathione support for health: A randomized trial (PI Bradley) 

*Note: Research projects are listed in chronological order and names/titles have been abbreviated.