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8 Week LIGHT Self-Efficacy Program

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Why should one care to build self-efficacy?

Efficacious people set challenging goals and maintain strong commitment to them. In the face of impending failure, they increase and sustain their efforts to be successful. They approach difficult or threatening situations with confidence that they have control over them. Having this type of outlook reduces stress and lowers the risk of depression (Bandura, 1994).

Conversely, people who doubt their ability to accomplish difficult tasks see these tasks as threats. They avoid them based on their own personal weaknesses or on the obstacles preventing them from being successful. They give up quickly in the face of difficulties or failure, and it doesn’t take much for them to lose faith in their capabilities. An outlook like this increases stress and the risk of depression (Bandura, 1994).

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a student, a parent or a coach, an athlete seeking to better your performance or an individual faced with the shifting demands of chronic illness, wouldn’t it be good to have a tool that is simple to use, always handy, and gives you a pocket of time in which you may build your reserve and visualize your goal fulfilled? You might just have found what you’ve been looking for.

Light Induced Guided Healing Therapy (LIGHT) is a research-backed mind-body model that invokes and engages the full attention of the user toward visualizing the fulfillment of the set goal by accessing their expanding consciousness in the safe space designed by the user for the nonjudgemental and unlimited exploration of possibilities.

Now you can get back in control

This novel framework is easy to use and does not require any prior experience with meditation or other forms of mental training. As long as a person has simple language comprehension skills they will enjoy the full benefits of LIGHT. Over continued use of LIGHT, the person may build their emotional resilience and encourage the formation of new mental pathways that conform to these newly inculcated positive attitudes.

With LIGHT, the person has a standard framework that remains the same for every session but this framework is customizable to each individual and their changing needs from moment to moment and day to day, thus allowing the person the ability to have familiarity and consistency while also addressing their momentary challenges with the cumulative force of their continued practice.


Week 1: What is LIGHT? Explore the tools you have always possessed that you will now have the ability to implement fully in maximizing your expression of self and the experience of life

Week 2: Affirmations - Understand the power of words and explore its  potential to transform your life

Week 3: Basic Meditation Exercises - Simple visualization exercises to establish clear communication pathways with your mind

Week 4: Self-Hypnosis - Go deeper and explore the recesses of your subconscious mind

Week 5: Training and Discipline - Repetition and consistency is the key to developing a habit

Week 6: LIGHT framework - Personalize and create your heaven on Earth

Week 7: Success Stories - Testimonials from LIGHT users

Week 8: Conclusion - Tie all the loose ends and commit to staying on course

“A single footstep will not make a path on the earth, so a single thought will not make a pathway in the mind. To make a deep physical path, we walk again and again. To make a deep mental path, we must think over and over the kind of thoughts we wish to dominate our lives.” ― Henry David Thoreau

Course Highlights

  • Explore simple exercises to sharpen your mind and expand your imagination. In the process, discover more of your inherent gifts and dormant potentialities that are waiting to be actualized.
  • Learn ways to identify stressors early in the game and how you can put out the sparks in your mind before they turn into forest fires.
  • Experience self-love and self-compassion to help originate within your being that which you wish to experience with the world.
"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration." — Nikola Tesla

The inaugural classes of the LIGHT program will begin on September 29, available to the general public as an eight-week training program with two-and-a-half-hour classes once each week for eight consecutive weeks. The program will be offered during the week as well as on weekends. Schedules, registration, and further details will be made available at

No prior qualifications or training are required to obtain the full benefit of these classes—anyone with basic English comprehension can access the LIGHT self-efficacy model.


​8-Week Evidence-Based LIGHT Self-Efficacy Course
(Thursday evenings)

March 7, 2019 through April 25, 2019
6:30 pm to 9:00 pm
Register Online for Weekends 

Early-Bird registration on/before February 21, 2019: $495

On/After February 22, 2019: $570

Public Discount: $75

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A word from the developers of LIGHT:

In 1999, Paula Marie Jackson received her Multiple Sclerosis (MS) diagnosis—a neurodegenerative disease, also identified as a progressive autoimmune condition. She developed the basic therapy model originally for her own health needs, which she has used consistently for the last 19 years.

As a testament to her slowed-progression and sustained health, Paula asserts her commitment to assist others in achieving similar results stating, "We’ve had two successful pilot studies in the last eight years of research at UC San Diego. It pleases me a great deal to introduce LIGHT through the Centers for Integrative Health as a potent complementary self-care model for people looking to tap into the full potential of their mind to improve overall health and experience of life.”

“LIGHT is an easy-to-use framework specifically designed to promote self-efficacy." Added the novel therapy's co-developer, Thomas George Thudiyanplackal. "One of its primary aims is to empower the individual to better mitigate everyday stressors.

Individuals with chronic or autoimmune conditions may specifically benefit from using LIGHT to help them refocus their attention toward becoming aware of their body’s shifting needs so they may stay ahead of it, get back in control, and proactively enhance their quality of life.”

The first pilot study now has a peer-reviewed paper published in the Journal for Evidence-Based Integrative Medicine (JEBIM)*, where the researchers state, “The framework is designed to empower the patient to face negative influences and see them transformed in their mind. … This simulation of life-affirming images and positive outcomes when repeated by the patient as a part of their daily routine is believed to create new pathways for thought processing and in effect improve their overall ability to combat the comorbid symptoms such as depression and fatigue and enhance their quality of life.”1

1 Case, Laura K., et al. “Guided Imagery Improves Mood, Fatigue, and Quality of Life in Individuals With Multiple Sclerosis: An Exploratory Efficacy Trial of Healing Light Guided Imagery.” Journal of Evidence-Based Integrative Medicine, vol. 23, no. 1, ser. 8, 1 Feb. 2018, pp. 1–1. 8, doi:10.1177/2515690x17748744.

* The researchers at UC San Diego have referred to Light Induced Guided Healing Therapy (LIGHT) by other names. The first pilot study referred to it as Healing Light Guided Imagery (HLGI). The second study involving EEG readings additionally referred to it as Guided Imagery Hypnotherapy (GIH) for which a poster will be presented at the BCI World Conference & Exhibition 2018 in London this November.