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Education Programs

Translational Research success to-date and next steps

Following the findings and insights obtained from the first two pilot studies, LIGHT was offered to the public at UCSD as a self-care educational program. The curriculum aims to transfer many of the underlying principles and tools that shape the LIGHT to empower individuals with ways to access its many benefits as and when required in their daily lives.

The 20-hours of interactive instruction is offered either as an 8-week program with one class each week over 8 weeks, or as a 3-day weekend intensive. Though the first pilot study had participants with a Multiple Sclerosis (MS) diagnosis, the educational programs have been open to the public at large. The course has been named as "LIGHT Self-Efficacy Education." Unlike most traditional and contemporary mind-body interventions or meditation tools, LIGHT is modular, customizable, and easy to recall, while also producing consistently progressive and discernable advancements that the user is able to track and modify along each step of the way. LIGHT puts the person back in the driver's seat.

Individuals who require personal attention may also access LIGHT in a therapy environment with a LIGHT Educator and Practitioner (LEAP).

Further information on LIGHT and the LEAP educational programs will be forthcoming.