Research and Collaborations

Center Research Activities

The Center is currently supporting a number of research projects relevant to integrative health and medicine. These are:

  • Herbicide Awareness and Research Project
  • Gratitude Journaling in Heart Failure Patients
  • Quality of Life and Symptom Improvement of Multiple Sclerosis Patients by Guided Imagery Meditation
  • Program Outcomes and Evaluation Study (POEMS) for InspireHealth, an integrative oncology study
  • HAPI-CHI: A Healthy Aging Study
  • Auricular Therapy for Treatment of Musculoskeletal Pain in Military Personnel: A Randomized Trial
  • Health-Related Effects of Organic Versus Non-Organic Foods
  • Effects of High-Fat High-Calorie Meals on The Leaky Gut Syndrome
  • Tai Chi Practice for Post-MI
  • Journaling in Post MI Patients: Effects on Health Related Mood and Clinical Outcomes
  • Self Directed Biological Transformation Initiative, an Ayurvedic Medicine study
  • Traditional Tibetan Medicine for Multiple Sclerosis
  • Transcendental Meditation for PTSD
  • Alzheimer Caregiving Coping - Mental and Physical Health
  • Mind-body Medicine in military personnel with chronic pain, pregnancy or stress
  • Effects of a Single Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (OMT) on Intraocular Pressure Reduction
  • Effects of Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment on Gait and Neurological Function in Parkinson’s Disease
  • The Role of Osteopathic Manipulation in the Management of Post-Traumatic Migraine

Center Research Collaborations

Through these projects, the Center is working with the following institutions

Center Research Committee


The Center is supported by clinicians and researchers dedicated to advancing integrative health research at UCSD and beyond. Within UC San Diego, for several decades numerous researchers have been independently performing integrative health investigations across departments and schools. The Center functions to bring UC San Diego integrative health investigators together in order to forge collaborations across different departments and institutes to expand the breadth of research outcomes in integrative health, such as epigenetics, fMRI, neuroimmune, microbiome, and electrophysiology.

The Center is supported by a Research Committee comprised of the individuals listed below, from UC San Diego and surrounding institutions:

  • Dan Vicario, MD,
UC San Diego / San Diego Cancer Research Institute
  • Eric Groessl, PHD,
UC San Diego / VASDHS
  • Rusty Kallenberg, MD,
UC San Diego / Center for Integrative Medicine
  • Laura Redwine, PhD
UC San Diego / VASDHS
  • Paul J. Mills, PhD
UC San Diego
  • Shah Golshan, PhD
UC San Diego /VASDHS
  • Shamini Jain, PhD
UC San Diego
  • Samm Hurst, PhD
UC San Diego
  • Thomas Rutledge, PhD,
UC San Diego / VASDHS
  • Jeffrey Millegan, MD, MPH
Naval San Diego Medical Center
  • Beatrice Golumb, MD
UC San Diego
  • Stacy Gomes, PhD
Pacific College of Oriental Medicine
  • Jill Borman, PhD
  • Pam Taub, MD
UC San Diego
  • Hollis King, DO
UC San Diego
  • Lori Montross, PhD.
UC San Diego / Moores Cancer Center
  • Thomas Liu, PhD
UC San Diego / Center for Functional MRI
  • Ryan Bradley, ND
UC San Diego / National College of Natural Medicine

Bringing researchers together that have common interests from different departments and scientific backgrounds supports increased collegial interaction and leads to greater breadth of research in integrative health