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Publications and Presentations


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Commencement Speaker, Northwestern School of Chiropractic, Minneapolis, St. Paul.

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Integrating PCMH Concepts into Medical Student Education: Experience and Examples from a Free Clinic Project. Presented at the 43rd STFM Annual Spring Conference, 2010 April 27, Vancouver, Canada

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Starting a Student-Run Free Clinic. Presented at the Society of Student Run Free Clinics Annual Conference, 2010. January 30. Jacksonville, FL.

Funding your Clinic: Grant-Writing, Fund-Raising, Donors, and Institutional Support. Presented at the Society of Student Run Free Clinics Annual Conference, Saturday 2010 January 30. Jacksonville, FL.

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Renewing Ourselves. Presented at the National Summit of Clinicians for Healthcare Justice. 2008 October 23-24. Washington, DC.

Guest Panel: Advocacy and Practice, Family Medicine Conference for Students, UCI, SOM, October 4, 2008

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