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Class of 2024

Amelia Bahamonde, MD - University of Michigan

Undergrad: University of Miami- Microbiology and Immunology - BS

: I enjoy Latin dancing, swimming, and reading. I am also interested in Spanish music, mystery novels and Arabic TV shows.

Catherine Carragee, MD - University College Dublin

UndergradWillamette University- Biochemistry - BA

I love being outdoors especially if I can bring my camera along or kick a soccer ball around. My indoor activities include serving as an official docent to friends at museums, crafting with itty bitty pieces of paper, and searching for the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe. 

Mahdi Diab, MD, MPH - Ross University

Graduate:  Johns Hopkins - Public Health, Health Systems - MPH
Undergrad:  UC Santa Barbara - Biopsychology - BS

I have a love for nature and the outdoors. I enjoying hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, and camping. I also love playing music. I play the ukulele, harmonica, piano, steel hand pan, and the Japanese flute.

Ashley Dunkle, MD, MPH - Dartmouth

Graduate: Boston University - Global Health and Epidemiology - MPH
Undergrad: Denison University - Biology - BS

Reading literature and non-fiction (I am currently in two anti-racism book clubs), exploring independent bookstores and old libraries, yoga, running, knitting, photography, cooking and baking, hiking and skiing with my fiancé, and travel (I have been fortunate to visit 28 countries so far).

Katherine Siroky, MD - University of Michigan 

Undergrad: University of Michigan - Cell and Molecular Biology - BS

Long distance running (half marathons in Ann Arbor, MI x2 and Philadelphia): I especially enjoy trail running. Yoga: Mostly practice vinyasa yoga and Book Clubs. I most recently read "The Vanishing Half" and "An American Marriage." Knitting and Crochet: I make blankets, hats and scarves and used to have an Etsy online store

Priyanka Thatipamala, MD - Boston University 

Undergrad: UC Berkeley - Health Economics, Molecular and Cellular Biology - BA

: I enjoy weight lifting, yoga, hiking, and mediocre piano playing.

Erin U
pdyke, MD, PhD, MPH - University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign

Graduate: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign - Entomology- PhD 
Graduate: University of Hawaii at Manoa - MSPH - Public Health Epidemiology
Undergrad: UC Santa Barbara - Global Studies - BA and Aquatic Biology - BS

My favorite place to be without a doubt is the beach. Since those are in short supply in IL, I've taken up other hobbies, including podcasting, baking, nature walks with my dog, home improvement projects, and a stint in an amateur wrestling league.

Julia Wilkins, MD - New York Medical College

Undergrad: The Ohio State University - Public Health- BSPH

I enjoy surfing, snowboarding, hiking, fitness classes and yoga, and reading.

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