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The Division of Preventive Medicine serves as the primary organizational home within the Department of Family Medicine and Public Health for the group of faculty, residents, students and trainees engaged in a) research, b) teaching, training and knowledge dissemination, c) clinical care, and d) community-related efforts that focus on health promotion and disease prevention and control. These efforts are evidence-based and occur at several levels-- the individual or family, in clinical settings, and in the broader community and environment. Examples include:

  • Behavior change and health communication initiatives aimed at individuals in clinical or community settings.
  • Epidemiologic research, both clinical and population-based, focusing on prevention.
  • Lifestyle interventions targeting individuals with conditions caused or exacerbated by behaviors (e.g. obesity, diabetes).
  • Initiatives aimed at increasing the quality of health promotion and disease prevention services in clinical settings. This involves efforts aimed at the entire system of health care and all personnel & processes involved therein.
Efforts that encompass the broader public health perspective, both through organized public health units and through other entities and processes (e.g. non-governmental organizations). This includes occupational (worksite) and environmental health issues and involves efforts to improve policies that impact health such as community design for active living or promoting healthy food choices.

Matthew Allison, MD, MPH
Professor and Division Chief