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Undergraduate Students

Wael Al-Delaimy directs two courses in public health and epidemiology in Amman, Jordan for five weeks catering to undergraduate pre-medical and biology students. The very popular courses integrate the basics and theory of public health and epidemiology with clinical hands-on experience with refugees attending clinics in Amman. Many of the students who returned from this summer course described it in their evaluations as “life changing”. Please click here for further details.

Members of the Division of Global Health support courses within the Bachelors of Science in Public Health (BSPH) degree program for UCSD undergrads. Drs. Brouwer, Al-Delaimy, and Suarez direct FMPH 101 Introduction to Epidemiology and Dr. Kayser directs FMPH 130 Environmental and Occupational Health.  Other faculty are frequent guest lecturers in these courses.  (if the names of faculty could be links to their profiles and the BSPH could be a link to that website, that would be great)