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Non-Communicable Diseases

Wael Al-Delaimy has been involved in a research project on early detection of bladder cancer in Mansoora, Egypt. In Collaboration with Dr. Ahmed Shokeir, the director of the Monsoora Hospital Urology and Renal Unit, they have been collecting urine samples from bladder cancer cases that are squaomous cell carcinomas and from non-cancer controls to assess the ability of biomarker assay sensitivity and specificity.
Christina Chambers is leading a multi-site research project in Ukraine to examine the influence of maternal nutritional status among heavy alcohol-consuming pregnant women on the risk for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders in children. This study is part of an international consortium with sites in South Africa, Italy, Finland, and elsewhere. Wael Al-Delaimy is involved with Dr. Riccardo Polosa who is a Professor of Respiratory medicine in Catania, Sicily to determine the association between smoking and allergic rhinitis and asthma severity in a clinical cohort. He also collaborates with a researcher in Japan to determine the association between dust storms and asthma exacerbation among asthmatic children.

Shu-Hong Zhu leads the California smoking quit line and has become an international authority in this area. He has consulted with other nations such as Taiwan and China on the implementation of comparable programs. Wael Al-Delaimy is an international authority on tobacco biomarkers and pioneered the toenail nicotine biomarker. He is well published in the association of tobacco use and chronic diseases and is involved with colleagues at the Jordan University for Science and Technology in Irbid, Jordan to evaluate tobacco use (with a special focus on hookah use) as a growing public health problem.

Tom Novotny is a well recognized authority in tobacco control and policy and served as assistant Surgeon General as well as with the WHO. He currently leads a project in Brazil on the association between TB diagnosis and smoking, susceptibility to smoking initiation among rural to urban migrant women in China, and banning cigarette butt waste.