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Center of Excellence

‚ÄčThe Center of Excellence (COE) refers to the global mental health research and training site at Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST). We are excited to continue our relationship with JUST through the Center of Excellence, which we foresee as an internationally renowned hub on global mental health. JUST is an ideal location for our initiative. With its proximity to refugee camps, we will have opportunities to study and conduct mental health services with individuals experiencing trauma. Our team has also developed a relationship with JUST from 2010 to the most recent workshop on collaborative care in April 2016. Aims of the COE include:

    1. Provide training to health care providers on integrating mental health detection and treatment into primary care using a collaborative care model
    2. Introduce family-based mental health psychosocial low intensity interventions that focus on resilience
    3. Carry out research on evidence based interventions, screening tools, and prevalence of mental illnesses
    4. Support mental health awareness in the population and among educational institutions