The University of California, San Diego
Family Medicine Residency Program
Is Pleased to Announce our
2022 Residency Class
Jessica Brown
Wright State University
Ariel Crocker
USF Health Morsani
Graham Heimler
UC San Diego
Brittany Lewis
Weill Cornell
Haley Luebke
Loyola University
Aleksandr Lyubasyuk
UC San Diego
Melissa Shoemaker
University of New Mexico
Allison Theberge
University of Virginia

Jessica Brown, MD, MPH
Wright State University
  • BS in Biological Sciences - North Carolina State University
  • MS in Forensic Medicine - Drexel University

  • National Health Service Corp Scholar

  • Enjoys theater (performing and attending), travel, reading and cooking

Ariel Crocker, MD
USF Health Morsani
  • BS in Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology- UC Santa Cruz

  • GHHS

  • Lifeguard/ EMT in Del Mar prior to medical school

  • Enjoys open water swimming, surfing, yoga, silk screen printing and rubber-stamp carving

Graham Heimler, MD
UC San Diego

  • BS in Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology- UC Santa Cruz
  • GHHS

  • Clinical Research Associate in Oncology prior to Med School

  • Enjoys cooking, outdoor activities (hiking, cycling, backpacking), reading and traveling

Brittany Lewis, MD, PhD
Weill Cornell

  • BS in Neuroscience - College of William and Mary
  • PhD in Immunology and Microbial Pathogenesis

  • Participated in humanitarian projects in Haiti and Peru

  • Enjoys long distance running. Two-time Boston Marathon finisher!

Haley Luebke, MD
Loyola University
  • BS in Biology with molecular emphasis- Loyola
  • Extensive volunteer work in High School education

  • Became a CNA at age 16

  • Enjoys crafting handmade gifts (including Beanies for Babies) and playing games with friends and family

Aleksandr Lyubasyuk, MD
UC San Diego

  • BA in Human Biology - UC San Diego

  • Speaks Russian, Ukranian and some Spanish

  • EMT and ED tech prior to medical school

  • Enjoys triathlon competitions and weightlifting

Melissa Shoemaker, MD
University of New Mexico

  • BA in Management Information Systems – Texas Tech

  • Senior Systems Analyst at Intel prior to medical school

  • Enjoys live music, cooking, yoga, hiking, traveling, growing tomatoes and remodeling kitchens

Allison Theberge, MD
University of Virginia
  • BA in Mathematics and Computer Science- University of Virginia
  • Software Design and Systems Integration Analyst prior to medical school

  • Studied burnout in medical students

  • Enjoys vinyasa yoga, stand up paddle boarding, travel (especially to wine regions), cooking, crossword and jigsaw puzzles, hiking and reading

Welcome to our Program!!!