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PACE Custom Programs

PACE faculty and staff may have the resources to create a customized program that suits the needs of a physician and/or organization. We will make our best effort to meet your request, or recommend another provider, based on available resources.

Types of custom programs available:

On-Site Customized Workshops

Leadership retreats, medical staff training, etc.


  • Physician Well-Being Committee Bootcamp
  • Interpersonal, Communication & Teamwork Skills
  • Prescribing Practices
  • Chart Stimulated Recall
  • Identifying, Addressing and Managing Disruptive Physician Behavior
  • How to Stay Out of Hot Water with Medical Boards
  • Being an Effective Physician Leader
  • Etc.

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Individualized Remedial Education

One-on-one workshops for individual physicians. CME accreditation is offered for an added fee if required.

Clinical/Practice Examples:

  • Supervising PAs, NPs, MAs, etc.
  • Wrong-site Surgery
  • Respiratory Infections
  • Diabetes Management
  • Etc.

Behavioral & Communication Examples:

  • Inter-Personal Communication
  • Cultural Competency / Sensitivity Training
  • Team Communication
  • Informed Consent
  • Etc.

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The PACE Speakers Bureau

Grand rounds and other short talks.


  • The "Aging Physician"
  • Physician Wellness, Burnout Prevention, Depression Awareness and Suicide Prevention
  • The Management of Disruptive Physician Behavior
  • Professional Boundaries, Ethics and Professionalism
  • Recognizing and Managing the Impaired Colleague
  • The Effective Well-Being Committee
  • How to Stay Out of Hot Water with the Medical Board
  • Overview of the PACE Program and its program offerings
  • Etc.

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