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Welcome to the Division of Family Medicine at UC San Diego!

The Division of Family Medicine (DFM) at UCSD is a robust group of 50 faculty and fellows, 60 residents and ~75 staff. As an academic administrative unit in the Medical School, we have four essential missions:

  1. we work to make the clinical practice of family medicine better
  2. we train tomorrow's physicians and, more specifically, tomorrow's family docs
  3. we serve our community by improving its health
  4. we conduct research to improve the cost-effectiveness, reach and impact of all our work

We accomplish these missions through a wide variety of programs which are described throughout this website. In addition to our own programs we are proud to be part of the larger Dept. of Family Medicine and Public Health, where 50-60 additional faculty colleagues research ways to improve our efforts to improve the health of our patients and communities - and those around the world - through prevention, health behavior change, population-based research, health policy, new research methodologies, global health projects and programs that can be used directly by patients and families to improve their own health and well-being. Excellent individual and family-oriented primary care coupled with community-oriented public health and population-based prevention are the keys to achieving or restoring healthy communities and a healthy society in the US and around the world - and at a cost we can all afford.

At this point in time, family medicine is in a growth phase. The country's health policy leaders - and maybe even its politicians! - have finally realized what we have known all along - the essential foundation of high quality health care system for any country is a well-organized, universally distributed and easily accessible primary care service that has strong connections with its public health system. Family Medicine is increasingly the main component of primary care services in the US with 95% of its training graduates entering clinical practice. Reflecting this ongoing and growing need is the fact that our division has doubled in size over the past 10 years and continues to expand.

Through the links from this divisional masthead - you will be able to explore how we are transforming our own health care delivery systems into the Patient-Centered Medical Home of the future; how we are changing the ways we train our medical students, family medicine residents and continuously re-train our faculty; how we conduct programs that help our at-risk and underserved communities; and how we study, improve and invent new approaches to accomplish all our missions. We welcome you to browse, learn about and comment on what we do.

There are user-friendly ways to contact us to send us your thoughts and, if you are so inclined, ways to contribute to our missions by getting involved or by making a donation to our academic family medicine cause.

Gene A. Kallenberg, MD
Professor and Chief,
Division of Family Medicine Vice Chair, Dept. of Family Medicine and Public Health
UC San Diego School of Medicine