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Research in Progress


Dr. Ruth Patterson is leading a group of cancer researchers and endocrinologists in the development of a Program Project (P01) investigating the impact of prolonged nightly fasting on breast cancer risk. 

Energetics and Breast Cancer: Obesity, Inflammation, Insulin Resistance and Risk. Grant Number: RO1 5U54CA155435, Principal Investigator: Patterson, Ruth, Funding Agency: NIH/NCI, Dates: 07/07/11 – 05/31/16.

Cardiovascular Health

Objective Physical Activity and Cardiovascular Health in Women Aged 80 and Older. Principal Investigator: LaCroix, Andrea, Funding Agency: NIH/NHLBI, Dates: 09/01/11 – 04/30/15.

Cognition, Physical Function, and Aging

Association of alcohol and nutrition with cognition and brain structure in aging. Grant Number: RO1 AA021187, Principal Investigator McEvoy, Linda, Funding Agency: NIH/NIAAA, Dates 9/15/13 – 06/30/2018. This project will examine the association of past and current alcohol use and nutrition on change in cognitive function over time, and on neuroimaging measures of late-life brain structural integrity to obtain vital new information on whether and how these modifiable lifestyle variables affect cognitive function and brain health in the elderly.

Testosterone Trial – T Trial. Grant number: 5U01 AG030644-05, Principal Investigator: Peter J. Snyder, Funding Agency: NIH/NIA, Dates: 05/15/09 – 04/30/15. This double-blind randomized controlled trial will test the hypothesis that testosterone treatment for one year of men >65 years who have unequivocally low serum testosterone concentrations and both symptoms and objective evidence of mobility disability, age-associated memory impairment, low vitality or diminished sexual function will show more favorable changes in these parameters than placebo treatment.


Post DPP (Diabetes Prevention Program) Outcomes Study Phase 2. Principal Investigator: Elizabeth Barrett-Connor. Funding agency: NIDDK/NHLBI, Grant number 5U01DK048339, Dates: 9/10/94 – 8/31/15. The Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) and first 5 years of the DPP Outcome Study (DPPOS) have demonstrated that a lifestyle intervention program aimed at weight loss, and metformin, prevent diabetes development over a 10 year period. Completion of DPPOS will examine the impact of diabetes prevention on long-term complications affecting the eye, kidney, nerves and heart, and remains critical to public health.

Osteoporosis and Aging

Osteoporotic Fractures in Men (Mr OS) Study : Grant Number: R01 2U011AG042168, Site Principal Investigator: Barrett-Connor E, Funding Agency: NIH/NIAMS/NIA, Dates: 08/01/13 – 06/31/18. This study will investigate risk factors for osteoporosis in men.

Biological and structural predictors of kyphosis progression in older men, Grant Number: R01 AR060828, Principal Investigator: Kado, Deborah, Funding Agency: NIH/NIAMS, Dates: 04/01/11 – 03/31/15.  This study will investigate potential causes and adverse outcomes of hyperkyphosis in older men.

Study of Kyphosis, Exercise and Function – SHEAF: Grant Number: RO1 AG041921, Site Principal Investigator: Kado, Deborah, Funding Agency: NIH/NIA, Dates: 09/01/12 – 08/30/17. This randomized controlled trial will investigate whether strength training exercises can improve kyphosis in older persons who have prominent kyphosis.

Kyphosis, balance dynamics and incident falls in older persons, Principal investigator: Kado, Deborah, Funding Agency: UC Academic Senate, Department of Family Medicine and Public Health, Dates: 7/1/13 – 10/31/14. This is a pilot grant to investigate the association between hyperkyphosis and dynamic balance measures in older persons.

Pregnancy Related Outcomes

Influence of nutrition on growth and neurodevelopment in children with FASD: Principal Investigator: Chambers, C. Funding agency: NIH/NIAAA, Grant number R01AA021551. Dates: 9/10/12 – 6/30/17. The goal of this study is to investigate the beneficial effects of prenatal vitamin supplements on growth and development of alcohol-exposed children through preschool age, and to examine the role of childhood nutrition in the growth and learning deficits seen in FASD. Findings of this study will help inform potential interventions for children with this disorder.

Early identification of Affected Children and Risk Factors for FASD in Ukraine. Principal Investigator: Chambers, C. Funding agency: NIH/NIAAA, Grant number 5U01AA014835. Dates: 6/1/13 – 5/31/17. Dr. Chambers is leading a multi-site research project in Ukraine to examine the influence of maternal nutritional status among heavy alcohol-consuming pregnant women on the risk for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders in children, and to test the long-term effects of a mid-pregnancy nutritional intervention. This study is part of an international consortium with sites in South Africa, Italy, Finland, and elsewhere.

Collaboration to Establish the Prevalence of FASD in San Diego, CA. Principal Investigator: Chambers, C. Funding agency: NIH/NIAAA, Grant number 5U01AA019879. Dates 9/20/10 – 8/31/15. Accurate estimates of the incidence and prevalence of FASD in the U.S. are lacking. The prevalence of FASD is thought to be under-estimated due to a number of factors that will be addressed in the proposed study. Establishing accurate estimates of the prevalence of FASD in representative regions of the U.S. population is critical in order to develop a better understanding of the public health impact of this disorder as well as the potential benefits of successful prevention.


Dr. Chambers has led a North American study of the safety of pandemic H1N1 influenza
vaccine in pregnancy that resulted in some of the first information on the vaccine and risks for adverse pregnancy outcomes.