Public Health

Public Health Chair’s Giving Circle (3690)

The Chair’s Giving Circle directs funds toward any needed expense related to the launch of the BSPH. This unrestricted donation may address any of the core areas of program administration, such as hiring faculty, student and internship coordinators or any other aspect of the BSPH budget. These funds are essential for ensuring the implementation and overall success of the program as we aim to develop one of the top undergraduate Public Health programs in the country.

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Public Health Teaching and Training (3691)

A donation to Teaching and Training aims to enhance the quality of teaching provided through the Bachelor of Science in Public Health (BSPH) by ensuring a lower student to faculty ratio. These funds support the ability to have co-instructors for Public Health courses and will ensure a more hands-on approach to learning for students. We will hire a technology liaison and develop a resource library for students and partner organizations. We plan to establish a quarterly Public Health think tank speaker’s bureau. These initiatives will increase the caliber of training and the national profile of UC San Diego’s BSPH program.

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Public Health Student-Community Programs (3692)

A donation to Student Programs supports the set up and administration of community placements to provide real world Public Health experiences for undergraduates. Student internships provide essential applied experiences and skills that will better prepare students for further graduate education and employment opportunities. In addition, Student Programs aim to bring services and research to the broader San Diego community. Funding in this domain will support staff and resources to coordinate programs that aim to address some of the top Public Health challenges of the 21st century.

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Family Medicine

Family Medicine Residency Training Program (57154)

This is a fund that supports the UCSD Family Medicine Residency Training Program. We use donations to provide or support enrichment experiences for residents including their annual retreat, special elective rotations and new instructional innovations that we are pilot testing. These activities help make our residency that much more competitive and attractive to prospective medical students who are choosing programs in which to pursue their family medicine careers. High quality residents make a high quality residency.

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Family Medicine General Support Fund (43031)

This is a fund that supports research and general innovation efforts within the Division of Family Medicine. There is a wide range of academic challenges that present opportunities for creativity and collaboration in an academic health center like UCSD. In order to take advantage of these and contribute to the development of such new ideas we often need seed money to bring concepts to reality, test them out and collect pilot data and then write larger grant proposals for ongoing funding. This fund will support such academic creativity that our Division of Family Medicine has been known for over the past 38 years.

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Chief's Support Fund (3414)

This fund will ultimately establish an endowed Chief position for the Division of Family Medicine. Having such a funded position will ensure the attractiveness of the leadership position of our Division into the future. This fund will allow the line salary for the Chief position to be used for other targeted purposes within the Division as circumstances may require, thus providing the most flexible use funds for the Division’s needs.

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