Dr. Sean-Xavier Neath

Dr. Sean-Xavier Neath
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Undergrad: University of Chicago (Biological Sciences)
Graduate: University of Chicago (PhD, Committee on Human Nutrition and Nutritional Biology)
Medical School: University of Chicago
Residency: Mercy Hospital (Internship) University of California, San Diego

Dr. Sean-Xavier Neath obtained his PhD and MD degrees from the University of Chicago. He completed his internship at Mercy Hospital in San Diego and his residency at the University of California San Diego. Dr. Neath joined the faculty of the University of California San Diego in 2001. His research interests include the application of novel biomarkers in the diagnosis and management of acute medical conditions such as sepsis, heart disease, allergy and immunology. Dr. Neath served as one of the co-principal investigators at the UCSD site for the BACH (Biomarkers in Acute Heart Failure) trial, the largest natriuretic peptide acute failure study to date. He is a fellow of the American College of Emergency Physicians and a member of American Heart Association. Dr. Neath is a recipient of the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine Award, and the Wayne C. Booth Prize for Excellence in Graduate Teaching from the University of Chicago. Sean was awarded the American Red Cross “Real Heroes” award for humanitarian disaster relief work in Haiti after the earthquake of January 2010. Publications

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