Dr. Kama Guluma

Dr. Kama Guluma
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Undergrad: Oberlin College (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
Medical School: Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons
Residency: University of Michigan

Dr. Guluma joined the faculty here at UCSD in July of 2001, after completing an emergency medicine residency at the University of Michigan. His research interests include neurological emergencies and ischemic stroke, and he has been a Principal Investigator in NIH-funded program grants exploring new translational concepts such as induced hypothermia and external counterpulsation for acute ischemic stroke, and he is the coordinator of the research education program (Research Conference) in the department. He is the Neurological Emergencies section editor and a reviewer for the Journal of Emergency Medicine, is a contributing author to Rosen's Emergency Medicine (the foremost textbook of Emergency Medicine) and other emergency medicine texts such as the 5-Minute Emergency Medicine Consult, and is a co-editor of an emergency medicine research text book. He is the Director of Student Programs in the department (and is the EM clerkship director), and is also privileged to be one of six Academic Community Directors in the UCSD School of Medicine, responsible for the social and professional well-being, mentorship, and integration of a sixth of the medical school student body. He is a past recipient of the Medical Student Teaching Award in the department, and has been a nominee for the Kaiser Excellence in Teaching Award in the UCSD School of Medicine. He is an Oral Examiner with the American Board of Emergency Medicine. His clinical interests include neurological emergencies and international emergency medicine. Outside of medicine and UCSD he enjoys spending time with his wife (whom he describes as awesome) and children (also described as awesome), and martial arts - with rankings up to 4th degree black belt (aikido, aikijutsu/jujutsu/judo, hsing-i kung-fu). Publications

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